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Clumsy Crafter: July 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Night Lights

So how was your saturday? Do anything fun?

Anything like have amazing seats to the Astros baseball game? Right behind the dugout?

I could have reached out and slapped a few of these guys around for letting Lance Berkman get traded to the Yankees, that's how close we were.

The seats were amazing. The only thing was that I did realize how great the seats were so I didn't take my good camera. I regretted that the entire time. I could have had some awesome pictures but not as great as hers.....

 I think we would have to sell our cars (both of them) to have that camera.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Captain Underpants and her sidekick.. Makeup Face

Tonight the girls showed up in our room looking like this... adorable right? They had gotten dressed to the nines... twirly skirts, jewelry, crowns and even a large amount of make up on one of their faces that she had "borrowed" from my makeup bag. The cleverest part was that they each used a hair clip to attach a spaghetti strap dress around their neck and down their back just like a cape.

We thought it was so cute that we decided to take their picture.

So we told them to pose. This is what we got....

No words. Really. nothing.

So we went outside to try again.

"pose girls".....

Yoga? Apparently they have been paying way too much attention to their aunts.

Let's try again...

Eat your heart (and cupcake underpants) out America's Next Top Model... this is where the real talent is.

Finally!! Perfect.

OK.. that totally didn't last.

This weekend will be fun and busy. It's some one's first birthday this Sunday.

I wonder what her super hero name will be? Any suggestions?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. I took the perfect adorable picture of the two oldest girls today to show you. But it's on the computer in the room where Princess Newbie is sleeping. Which means that you won't be seeing it tonight. You're welcome.

2. We went swimming today in the rain. It was a blast and we had the pool to ourselves. It's kinda freaky swimming at the YMCA when it's just you though because you have three lifeguards staring at you. Just at you. The funny thing was that they had the big water slide open and two lifeguards manning it but no one there to ride it.  I hope the water made my butt look smaller for the sake of those three lifeguards. 

3. I got a new phone tonight. My other one has been acting up and has almost been thrown more than it has been used lately. So my hunk of a husband got me a new phone. I think he really just didn't want to hear me complain when I finally did get fed up and chunk my old one into a brick wall and then be stuck without a phone for a while.  I promise not to throw this new one.. I will just love it, and hug it... and call it squishy.

4.  I haven't had chocolate since Monday when I snuck a few M&M's. I really thought about restarting my no sugar for one week commitment but then I realized that we had no healthy foods in the house and I'm not grocery shopping until Saturday.  Maybe next week I will be able to do it. I hope.  maybe I hope. I'm torn. Chocolate is my friend. Sugar is an even better friend.

5. My sewing machine is back out living on the kitchen table. I'm hoping to get some things done. Create something. I've had a hard time with that since no. 3 came along (A YEAR AGO!). I could go on about this subject but I won't tonight. Maybe another day.

I'm rambling, I'm making no sense and Words with Friends is calling me.  goodnight. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Donuts for Dinner

Today was long.

We had donuts for dinner... that's how long it was.

I'm still recovering from a busy weekend and from having to sleep on the floor with one of the kids Saturday night. I'm getting older and sleeping on the hard floor is not as easy as it once was. My lower back is killing me, going all the way down into my leg. It's hard turning 25 for several years in a row.

Then today I somehow pulled the muscle in my forearm. Sharp pains keep stabbing me when I move my arm in certain directions. Of course I forget all about it until I start moving, then I remember. I guess I can't do the Thriller dance anymore tonight.

Princess Girly Girl fell off the chair she was standing on today while making lunch and the chair landed on my big toe.  I don't think I've ever seen the shade of purple that it currently is.

Princess Newbie had a really bad evening yesterday. Unless you were paying %100 attention to her, she was on the floor crying. So today I got this call from Damion basically to tell me that he had tickets to the Astros game tonight but he wouldn't go if I needed him at home. He really meant it, I could tell in his voice that he would walk away from the tickets if Princess Newbie was still feeling bad and he would be fine with that. He's such a hunk. I told him to go ahead and go that she was feeling much better. Of course she was.. until I told him that. Not really, she made it until about 8pm and then started loosing it.

The girls were having a messy day. They willing picked up their mess at least ten times but man.. it just multiplied and multiplied.  The walls of this house are starting to cave in on me but I have to realize how blessed I am to have a house. I'm working on it.

Tonight I also decided to pull weeds from the flower beds and pull up my tomato plants that had taken over the beds in the backyard. The plants have been overgrown for awhile. The guy that mows our yard used to gently picked up the vines and mow underneath them. Now he just mows a very large semicircle around them. He also mowed down one of my okra plants today and the rose bush... AGAIN... but we'll let that go. I'm going to start clipping coupons to lenscrafters for him. The tomato plants are not producing fruit anymore.. it's just wild looking plants. Well.. I thought I was going to pull up the plants but really I was just donating blood to the mosquito blood bank. I think I lost a couple of quarts. So I gave up and left them in a huge heap in the middle of the yard.

I tried to go to the bathroom by myself tonight. I closed the door and almost immediately saw flashlights shinning underneath the door. I opened the door and Princess Goofy fell into the bathroom because she had been leaning on it, talking to me non stop.

I give up. I'm tired. I'm going to watch the Deadliest Catch (no I'm not waiting for you sweetie, sorry) and then I'm going to bed.  The good news is that my neighbor has a four wheeler, that he's gunning as loud as he can right now.  It's like a grease monkey lullaby.

P.S. Dad, this is the video I tried to send you last night. It has sound but I don't know why it's not working.


Monday, July 26, 2010

butterflies, rainbows, and baby cheeks.. oh my!

I didn't decorate too much for Princess Newbie's first birthday party since it was held pretty far away in Fort Worth, which meant that I had to lug everything there from Houston and then be prepared to toss it or lug it all the way back here. So I just did a few simple things.

My favorite was the butterfly tree. I took one of the covered cans that I made last week and filled it with rocks. Then I stuck a branch in it that I had simply found in the yard. Then I stuck a few fake flowers on the branches and it was pretty much done.
I found scratch art butterflies on clearance after Easter and picked them up to use one day. It was huge pack of thirty butterflies. As people came into the party I asked them to write on the butterfly a message to Princess Newbie and then place it on the tree. I forgot to get some people to do it but I did get a few really cute ones, including one from each of her sisters (but none from my sisters).

Then there's the cake...


and finally.. the baby cheeks.

Remember when I showed you the yard stakes?  During the party Princess Newbie decided that they needed to be removed.
and then toddled away, baby cheeks waving in the breeze... with the "i" from her name.

Simple, fun, and cute first birthday party that she will never remember.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party like it's....

We are home from a great weekend.

Princess Newbie had a wonderful party with tons of family in attendance. I realized tonight that it's the first time that we've had so much family together since our wedding almost 7 years ago.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of a few of the decorations and the cake but tonight I'll just show you the fun.

We came home tonight in time to see an old friend and hear his announcement that him and his wife are expecting their first baby. From celebrating the first birthday of our last child.. to the announcement of their first child.. it goes full circle.

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Friday, July 23, 2010


Happy 61 years of marriage Granny and Papa.

You have achieved something that most people don't reach now. I know that it wasn't easy and that it took more than you sometimes have to give. Thanks for being an awesome role model for me and my kids.

I love you both.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The one and only - Last Day

Today was the last day of only one child. Tomorrow morning we will pack up the van and head out to pick up the other two girls in Fort Worth. While we're there we're going to celebrate my grandparents 61st anniversary and then have a family birthday party for Princess Newbie's 1st birthday.

Overall this has been a great week. We have got to spend a lot of time with Princess Newbie and really see a side of her that's usually overshadowed by two older sisters. Not only that but today.. on our last day together she finally said the word that I have been waiting 11 months to hear.... Momma! yeah!!

I have been missing the other two pretty bad but this week was a great break and refresher for me. Princess Girly Girl does not miss us and has asked if she can stay there with her grandparents. um no. Princess Goofy has been calling us every night and in the most pitiful voice says, "I miss you".  It makes me feel needed and loved.

I will hopefully see all my family this weekend except my brother. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One and Only - day four

Today Princess Newbie and I went downtown to take Damion to lunch. Then we went back to his office with him for a little visit. He works way up in one of the downtown buildings. You have to take an escalator down a floor below street level, then switch to an elevator up to the 58th floor and then switch elevators to go down a few more floors before you can reach his office. I also had to park at the underground library parking lot which is the scariest parking garage I've ever been in. Princess Newbie loved the view. She was dancing and stomping her feet looking out the window.

After lunch we came home and worked on a few projects to get ready for her first birthday this weekend.

I took this (foam board)...

combined with wall stickers from the dollar store...

and made this....

yard stakes to decorate the yard with. The letters in pink will spell out Princess Newbie's name. One of the number ones also has a loop on the top to hold balloons.

Then I took these empty cans...

and turned it into these...

which will hold the centerpieces at the party.

I spent two dollars total at the dollar store to make both of those crafts. Go me!... more money for Starbucks.

Also one of Damion's coworkers made a comment about the blog today. It was a nice comment.. nothing bad but since I know you guys talk about me now.. I decided to give you a list of things that would more fruitful to talk about when concerning your wives...

1. What's on sale at Zale's jewelers.
2. What color roses you should send for no reason.
3. How to fold children's clothes
4. What YOU are making for dinner tonight.

Talk amongst yourselves while Princess Newbie and myself enjoy our last day without the older sisters tomorrow.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chocolate Mousse

Today I thought I would share with you this short video tutorial on how to prepare the perfect chocolate mousse. Enjoy and make you some chocolate moose tonight!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

The one and only - day 2

Today was the second full day that the oldest two girls have been at their grandparents and they are loving it! I talked to Princess Girly girl last night who has the voice of a chipmunk on major amounts of caffeine when she's excited. Needless to say, I did not understand one single word she said.

So today when she had calmed down some, I called to talk to her again. This time I got most of what she said but the conversation mainly was about her new ariel Barbie that came with a dolphin. Then she had to go to play. Yeah, I rank right below a Barbie with a dolphin.

I also talked to Princess Goofy but we had to have a serious talk about something that had happened. I guess the good part about getting in trouble via the phone is that you can put the phone down and walk away mid lecture if that's what tickles your fancy. Yeah.. that's what she did. I could hear her grandmother ask her, "are you done talking to your mom." and she said "yeah..." which is when I said "NO!". She's so funny and clever.

I miss them
I am really starting to miss them both, especially at night when it's quiet.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The one and only - day 1

Today was nice. Princess newbie slept until after 9. So did we.

I took a shower with no interruptions during her morning nap.

We ran errands with me never having to say "do we need to go have a talk in the bathroom" or "do you want me to call daddy about this?"

Then we ate dinner, at a nice place, with no fits or running out of there while hiding our faces.

Finally we hung out at the bookstore for awhile. Princess newbie just sat in a chair for awhile and then played with the train table for the longest time. An she never had to worry about a sister stealing trains from her.

Not to mention that I got to go to a public restroom by myself. TWICE!!!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

and then there was 1....

We took the two oldest princesses to meet their grandparents in Waco today. They are going to spend the next week with them. Princess Girly Girl was actually a little under the weather and we considered postponing the visit for a day or so until she was better. But she insisted.. and I mean insisted... that if we just took her to Mimi's house than she would be just fine.

I know they'll have a great week full of swimming, coloring, movies, swinging, etc. but I still miss them already. Princess Newbie doesn't seem to be missing them yet. I think she's enjoying the attention that she's been getting since we dropped them off.

I'm tired from the long drive today so I'm going to bed. I'm sure my Princesses are in bed also.. six hours away.. dreaming of the things they are going to be doing the next few days and not missing their parents!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Houston Zoo

We went to the Houston Zoo today with some friends. It was hot, hot and hotter but it was also free! We love free.



Thursday, July 15, 2010


Estrogen. It's a word that married men run from, single men google and then turn pale, and other women just look at you with sympathy and understanding. (Damion just asked me what Estrogen is.. then he said, is it some type of hormone imbalance?) HA!

It's what I've been dealing with this week. Sorry for the TMI you male readers... but it's the truth and it's making me weepy.

For instance, I'm a die hard fan of the show, "The Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery Channel. This past Tuesday was the day that they show Captain Phil Harris' passing. I teared up and then had to quickly look to the side before Damion could catch me and laugh.

Yesterday I teared up because nothing was on TV except some baseball thing on ESPN. No joke.

Then this morning I was talking to the girls about how Princess Newbie's birthday is only 15 days away and I cried. My baby is turning one. I will no longer have a baby. I might cry now. Look at the ceiling... stupid hormones.

Today we went to buy Princess Newbie a new car seat so that we can give the infant car seat to my sister for her baby girl due in November. (I suggested Bobbie as a name but I haven't heard back from them yet. I also suggested Bobniqua.. no word)  I'm not sure what happened at Babies R Us but somehow we got the car seat for 60$ less than the price that it was marked. I was amazed and flabbergasted. Then on the way home we saw a homeless woman asking for change. My plan was to just stare at my phone and ignore her but something reminded me of how extremely blessed I was by saving $60 on the car seat so I gave her some money. That's not the part that made me cry. What made me cry was when I pulled away Princess Girly Girl asked why I had given money to my friend. She didn't ask why I gave it to that woman, she said the word.. "my friend".  Quickly I corrected her and said, "she's not my friend, she's just a woman that doesn't have a home." That's when I started crying again. I had unknowingly gave my children a lesson about judgement.. wrong judgement. Why wasn't she my friend? I should have told them that I didn't know her but I would have liked to become her friend.. Which was the truth. She was a nice woman that didn't deserve any type of judgement. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.. maybe it's the hormones. But she's a woman, created and loved by the same God. So I cried again.

Tomorrow we're going to the Zoo. If you see a woman standing by the Tigers, just crying away... stop and say Hi because we're friends.. no matter what.

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