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Saturday, July 17, 2010

and then there was 1....

We took the two oldest princesses to meet their grandparents in Waco today. They are going to spend the next week with them. Princess Girly Girl was actually a little under the weather and we considered postponing the visit for a day or so until she was better. But she insisted.. and I mean insisted... that if we just took her to Mimi's house than she would be just fine.

I know they'll have a great week full of swimming, coloring, movies, swinging, etc. but I still miss them already. Princess Newbie doesn't seem to be missing them yet. I think she's enjoying the attention that she's been getting since we dropped them off.

I'm tired from the long drive today so I'm going to bed. I'm sure my Princesses are in bed also.. six hours away.. dreaming of the things they are going to be doing the next few days and not missing their parents!


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