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Clumsy Crafter: One and Only - day four

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One and Only - day four

Today Princess Newbie and I went downtown to take Damion to lunch. Then we went back to his office with him for a little visit. He works way up in one of the downtown buildings. You have to take an escalator down a floor below street level, then switch to an elevator up to the 58th floor and then switch elevators to go down a few more floors before you can reach his office. I also had to park at the underground library parking lot which is the scariest parking garage I've ever been in. Princess Newbie loved the view. She was dancing and stomping her feet looking out the window.

After lunch we came home and worked on a few projects to get ready for her first birthday this weekend.

I took this (foam board)...

combined with wall stickers from the dollar store...

and made this....

yard stakes to decorate the yard with. The letters in pink will spell out Princess Newbie's name. One of the number ones also has a loop on the top to hold balloons.

Then I took these empty cans...

and turned it into these...

which will hold the centerpieces at the party.

I spent two dollars total at the dollar store to make both of those crafts. Go me!... more money for Starbucks.

Also one of Damion's coworkers made a comment about the blog today. It was a nice comment.. nothing bad but since I know you guys talk about me now.. I decided to give you a list of things that would more fruitful to talk about when concerning your wives...

1. What's on sale at Zale's jewelers.
2. What color roses you should send for no reason.
3. How to fold children's clothes
4. What YOU are making for dinner tonight.

Talk amongst yourselves while Princess Newbie and myself enjoy our last day without the older sisters tomorrow.

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