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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


1. I took the perfect adorable picture of the two oldest girls today to show you. But it's on the computer in the room where Princess Newbie is sleeping. Which means that you won't be seeing it tonight. You're welcome.

2. We went swimming today in the rain. It was a blast and we had the pool to ourselves. It's kinda freaky swimming at the YMCA when it's just you though because you have three lifeguards staring at you. Just at you. The funny thing was that they had the big water slide open and two lifeguards manning it but no one there to ride it.  I hope the water made my butt look smaller for the sake of those three lifeguards. 

3. I got a new phone tonight. My other one has been acting up and has almost been thrown more than it has been used lately. So my hunk of a husband got me a new phone. I think he really just didn't want to hear me complain when I finally did get fed up and chunk my old one into a brick wall and then be stuck without a phone for a while.  I promise not to throw this new one.. I will just love it, and hug it... and call it squishy.

4.  I haven't had chocolate since Monday when I snuck a few M&M's. I really thought about restarting my no sugar for one week commitment but then I realized that we had no healthy foods in the house and I'm not grocery shopping until Saturday.  Maybe next week I will be able to do it. I hope.  maybe I hope. I'm torn. Chocolate is my friend. Sugar is an even better friend.

5. My sewing machine is back out living on the kitchen table. I'm hoping to get some things done. Create something. I've had a hard time with that since no. 3 came along (A YEAR AGO!). I could go on about this subject but I won't tonight. Maybe another day.

I'm rambling, I'm making no sense and Words with Friends is calling me.  goodnight. 


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