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Clumsy Crafter: June 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Simple Baby Quilt

I wanted the new baby to have a personalized blanket like my other two princesses got from my mom and grandmother. However, that probably won't happen this time since my grandfather has been in the hospital and everyone has been busy with that. So I decided to make her a simple quilt myself. It's not perfect but that will probably be the first lesson that she learns about me. Perfection is not my goal in life nor my calling.

To start making a simple quilt, cut two coordinating fabrics and batting all to the same size. I honestly didn't measure this. I just cut. Haha. That's the story of my life. If it seems like a rectangle, other people might think it is as well. :)

Layer the batting in between the two fabrics with their rights sides facing out. Next I layed it out on the table and made sure all the fabric was smooth and lined up on the sides. Pin all the fabrics together starting in the middle and working outwards to make sure it is smooth.

Next I followed the lines already in the fabric and sewed going from top to bottom, starting in the middle of the blanket. When I had all the fabric quilted together, I simply used store bought quilt binding on the edges. His Royal Highness thought I had busted my rear end on this fancy binding but don't do that! Just buy it!

It is very simple to use. You open it up and place it over the edges of the blanket and sew it down. One side is a little shorter than the other. I recommend placing this edge on the prettiest side and sewing as close to the edge as you can. Because the other side is a little longer, you can usually be assured that you are also sewing on the other side as well.

when all the binding is sewn on, you are done with your quilt.

Here's another quilt I did last week for a baby gift with a matching burp cloth.

They're not too hard to do and can be pretty fast. Notice that I said can be. It really depends how many neighbors stop by to tell you something, kids yell at each other, or husbands want to eat food that you cook as to how fast it will go.

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