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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Surprise

Awhile back I mentioned that I was working on a new project.

Then last week I mentioned that I had a surprise to announce soon.

Then of course, as I could have predicted.... I started getting emails asking if I was pregnant.

Of course, these were mainly from female relatives who had guts. The other female relatives all just called each other to say, "Is Bobbie Pregnant?"

Then the rest of the conversation would go something like this;  "I don't know... she never tells me anything!", "You know, she thinks she's soo private but she publishes everything, including our yoga pictures on her blog."

I love it. If you are one of those relatives (Aunt Debbie, Dawn) who did email and ask, I did not reply on purpose. It was too much fun to make you sweat it out for a bit but I do appreciate your gumption.

For those of you with gumption and Patience, I can now tell you my big surprise.

Clumsy Crafter is moving, not to Hawaii as I had hoped, but I'm moving to a self hosted server. For my dad and others who might not understand it really just means that you will no longer have to type in, from now on all you will have to do is go to .

Nice huh? Of course if you click on the Google Friend Connect to the right hand side of subscribe to my RSS feed from the new Clumsy Crafter site, then you don't have to worry about typing anything in, do you?

So go over there, take a look around.. and please remember to change your bookmarks or favorites if that is where you have listed me at.

But if you forget and come back to this website and not the new one, don't worry.. there will be a little sign there to direct you to the right place.

See you soon. (I hope).



Blogger Jacqueline said...

HAHAHA! Oh, Bobbie, I get the same responce - "YOURE PREGNANT - Aren't you?" And they are always so crushed by my immediate laughter... HA! Time to hop to the new spot and get my space... ;)

January 4, 2011 at 9:56 AM  
Blogger Jessie's Girls said...

Hopefully you have a very indulgent family ;). And hi there - I'm finally catching up on reading a few blogs since both of the males in the house are letting me have some rare computer time at the moment.

January 6, 2011 at 2:54 PM  

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