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Clumsy Crafter: How to make snowmen in Texas

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to make snowmen in Texas

Remember yesterday when I told you that our neighbors might possible hate us because of the ratio of leaves to trees in our and now their yards? Here's the proof:

Their yards:
Our Yard:
Finally it started to bug me enough that I wanted to rake it up. Damion wasn't home and there was no way I was getting all this done by myself so I convinced two princesses, dressed in their Sunday best (seriously), to help me. Of course I didn't just say, "let's go break our backs for three hours to rake this up and bag it."  I'm clever and the product of a work horse father, so I know how to get kids to comply with work.

I asked them if they wanted to make snowmen.... Texas snowmen....

And since snow does not happen in Houston, they were excited and probably a little baffled.

So we raked... and bagged... and then raked some more.. and bagged some more...
Then we woke this adorable, formerly blue, thing up from her nap and let her wreck our piles
And finally we had enough to make our snowmen..

Texas Snowmen...

Made with white trash bags, black jersey coal faces, leaf noses and extra love... all thanks to some Gorilla Glue.

It's so pretty that Mama Snow(woman) cried.

and Daddy Snowman had a blow out.

We won't judge though because we know.. that's just what Daddy's do.

And I think our neighbors like us more now. At least their kids like jumping in the piles of leaves that I wasn't able to bag before it got dark.

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