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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Donuts for Dinner

Today was long.

We had donuts for dinner... that's how long it was.

I'm still recovering from a busy weekend and from having to sleep on the floor with one of the kids Saturday night. I'm getting older and sleeping on the hard floor is not as easy as it once was. My lower back is killing me, going all the way down into my leg. It's hard turning 25 for several years in a row.

Then today I somehow pulled the muscle in my forearm. Sharp pains keep stabbing me when I move my arm in certain directions. Of course I forget all about it until I start moving, then I remember. I guess I can't do the Thriller dance anymore tonight.

Princess Girly Girl fell off the chair she was standing on today while making lunch and the chair landed on my big toe.  I don't think I've ever seen the shade of purple that it currently is.

Princess Newbie had a really bad evening yesterday. Unless you were paying %100 attention to her, she was on the floor crying. So today I got this call from Damion basically to tell me that he had tickets to the Astros game tonight but he wouldn't go if I needed him at home. He really meant it, I could tell in his voice that he would walk away from the tickets if Princess Newbie was still feeling bad and he would be fine with that. He's such a hunk. I told him to go ahead and go that she was feeling much better. Of course she was.. until I told him that. Not really, she made it until about 8pm and then started loosing it.

The girls were having a messy day. They willing picked up their mess at least ten times but man.. it just multiplied and multiplied.  The walls of this house are starting to cave in on me but I have to realize how blessed I am to have a house. I'm working on it.

Tonight I also decided to pull weeds from the flower beds and pull up my tomato plants that had taken over the beds in the backyard. The plants have been overgrown for awhile. The guy that mows our yard used to gently picked up the vines and mow underneath them. Now he just mows a very large semicircle around them. He also mowed down one of my okra plants today and the rose bush... AGAIN... but we'll let that go. I'm going to start clipping coupons to lenscrafters for him. The tomato plants are not producing fruit anymore.. it's just wild looking plants. Well.. I thought I was going to pull up the plants but really I was just donating blood to the mosquito blood bank. I think I lost a couple of quarts. So I gave up and left them in a huge heap in the middle of the yard.

I tried to go to the bathroom by myself tonight. I closed the door and almost immediately saw flashlights shinning underneath the door. I opened the door and Princess Goofy fell into the bathroom because she had been leaning on it, talking to me non stop.

I give up. I'm tired. I'm going to watch the Deadliest Catch (no I'm not waiting for you sweetie, sorry) and then I'm going to bed.  The good news is that my neighbor has a four wheeler, that he's gunning as loud as he can right now.  It's like a grease monkey lullaby.

P.S. Dad, this is the video I tried to send you last night. It has sound but I don't know why it's not working.



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