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Clumsy Crafter: June 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Caution: You might Pee in Your Pants

I found a great new website today that I absolutely love. While remains my constant favorite, this one is edging up on he second spot. It has awesome pictures of cats and other animals with captions that will make you pee in your pants, or maybe that's just me. Luckily I have a membership to Sams to buy adult diapers in bulk. Here's just a few of the pictures that cracked me up tonight.

They are just to prove that everyone is welcome to this blog.

Those with children:

Lord of the Ring Fans (Hi Sweetie):

Fast Food Addicts:

funny pictures

funny pictures

Humorous Pictures

People with Allergies:
Humorous Pictures

Monty Python Fans....
humorous pictures

That's all for tonight. Hopefully I'll be putting up a new post for tomorrow... well possibly....maybe... see below

Friday, June 20, 2008

Father's Day versus Princess Girly Girl

Father's Day was this past weekend. Last year I made TShirts for the girls to wear for His Royal Highness to church and then our usually sunday night dinner out. They turned out really cute and HRH really enjoyed them. I made them by photoshopping an image of HRH to make it more of a line drawing and then simply added some text and printed onto iron on transfer paper. Very quick and easy.

However this year our printer was broken! So off to Micheal's I went with an idea but no easy way to accomplish it. HRH had told me that he wanted baseball themed gifts this year. I promise that if you cut him open you would find a flat screen tv in place of his heart that is permanently set to ESPN. Trust me on this one. So I wanted to make him baseball jersey's for him and the girls to wear. To make a long story short; three fits, two cart accidents and one more fit (from me this time) later I had finally decided just to buy a lot of iron on letters and numbers. I had to buy a lot of them since there are so many D's in Daddy! Then we headed off to academy to buy baseball jersey's. It figures that the don't have preschool size Tshirts so I bought the girls youth size shirts and then came home and hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the shirts to fit them better.

Anyone that knows Princess Girly Girl knows that she does not like anything that is too large or anything that is not a dress or skirt. So I had a hunch that the shirts would not go over well with her. I had her try on her shirt before I had ironed on the letters and she had an immediate melt down (I did too). She was bawling trying to tell me that it was just too big. She's so cute when she's dramatic. I finally told her to go get her big girl panties on and I started on the letters.

On the back of HRH's shirt I put... "Awesome Daddy 01". Princess Goofy's shirt said "Daddy's girl 02" to correspond to her age and Princess Girly Girl's said "Daddy's girl 03".

Damion loved the shirts and loved his Academy gift card just as much. He didn't really care for the Care Bears card that the girls picked out for him but Princess Girly Girl loved it and that was worth it... especially since she threw another fit when she learned that she had to wear the shirt on sunday morning! But I came to the rescue with a denim skirt to go with it. That's what Queen's do, we bring two warring forces together into a peaceful resolution.

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1st post!!

This is my very first post on Queen Klutz of Creativity! Welcome to all of you that are not reading this right now because you don't even know it exists!

Just to let you know..... I am a stay at home mom here in Houston (sweat until you drop), TX. I love living here except May- August. Then I would rather live in Antartica. I am a natural born Klutz. My husband is just begging me to tell you about the loads of things I have spilled, dropped, ran into, fallen down, etc... I'm sure some of that will come up but most of this should be about my adventures in crafting and occasionally the ways that my princesses have destroyed it!

As you just figured out, I am blessed to be married to an awesome guy for the past four and a half years. He supports all the big messes, I mean projects that I make. However, he refuses to help me clean up afterwards. I'm not sure if it's because of the glue dripping from the ceiling or the cocoa powder handprints all over the walls but I know he'll help me one day!

We have two princesses named Princess Goofy and Princess Girly Girl. The are my greatest joy but also the number one source for gray hair. The desire to follow in my artistic ways but just choose to express themselves on my walls and car rather than on paper.

So hang with me as I adjust to this new blog and wait for the good times to roll. Or just wait to roll when you read about my next fiasco.