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Clumsy Crafter: 1-1-11

Saturday, January 1, 2011


2011 started with a clean sweep, literally.

  • Damion cleaned the garage while I was waking up (it's a process that shouldn't be rushed)
  • We raked and bagged the rest of the leaves out front.
  • Went on a family walk and played on the neighborhood graffiti wall  playground. We also took a plastic bag and picked up trash on our walk. Princess Girly Girl loved making the earth "all pretty". She's such a girl.
  • Went to dinner at Fudruckers, which I LOVE. I think it's the cheese sauce. It reminds me of the skating rink in the summer of 5th grade. 99% of the time I went there to see the cute boy that was always there, Jesse, and also because 98% my mom thought I only wanted to go to skate. I have no coordination, skating is just a broken hip waiting to happen.
  • Took a trip to the grocery store with Damion and all three kids in tow.
  • Started to declutter the house. It was that or just blow the entire thing up, which really isn't a viable option. I would loose too much fabric if there was an explosion.
  • Folded the five loads of laundry that Damion did, at least until Princess Newbie wakes up in the morning and unfolds it all.
  • Steam cleaned the stairs with Damion. I realized on the second to last stair that I had the steam cleaner on the wrong setting and I was only cleaning with water the entire time. I look smarter than I am.
Tomorrow we have to be at church an hour and half earlier than we normally go which means that I shouldn't have been steam cleaning the stairs until 11pm and I shouldn't just now be getting into be at almost midnight.

Tomorrow we have even more cleaning to do and Christmas decorations to take down.

2011 might start with a clean sweep but might possible end with me in the loony bin if it keeps going at this rate.


Blogger Jacqueline said...

You make me giggle! <3 LOVE how honestly candid you are. And ADORE the Princess names! Good luck! Today I am finishing a hand bag then tackling my bedroom... AK!

January 2, 2011 at 11:21 AM  

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