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Clumsy Crafter: October 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pillows... easy as pie but not as yummy....

For the first three years of our marriage, we had a plaid futon in our living room. It was great when we were first married with a new house and no money or furniture. We even had a lion king beach towel hung as a curtain for the first two years. However the only good thing that comes out of trying to climb out of the futon depths at nine months of pregnancy is a great joke for your husband. So finally His Royal Highness, the love of my life, bought me a real couch. It has arms, stuffin.... the whole enchilada, complete with pillows straight from the 80's. Not really, they were new pillows but the fabric was horrible. Everytime I looked at them, I promised my lips curled up a little. I planned to remake the pillows for the past two years with my heart set on an expensive fabric from Hobby Lobby but frugality finally won over and it was the cheap fabric from Wal-mart that won the honorable spot on our couch.
Sewing pillows are as easy as it comes. I didn't even use my tape measure.
To start, cut two squares of fabric with right sides facing together at the same time. Make it a little larger than you want because when you stuff them, it'll make them a little smaller than you planned. Keep the rights sides together and sew three sides and some of the edges of the final side but leave an opening on the fourth side to add the stuffing. Because I know that my husband is a bull in a china closet, I double stitched the whole pillow.Turn the pillow right side out and stuff. Or withold breakfast from your children until they do it for you. Just kidding, I do not promote child labor. Now take thread on a needle and stitch the hole closed.Easy as Pie. Just don't get confused and fill your pillow with apples.

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Rainy Days

Afternoon showers are a way of life during fall in Houston. However, this week we had a flooding torrent of rain. We had to leave to take His Royal Highness something that he needed at school so we pulled our old raincoats out of the closet and the girls got their rain boots on. I didn't have a raincoat or boots so I pulled on HRH's old jacket and my tennis shoes. It was raining so badly that we had to turn around and go a different way because of flooding.

By the time we got to the school, the rain had calmed and we were able to walk inside without much trouble. We saw HRH, got a snack out of the vending machines and then prepared to walk back to the van when the bottom let out. The princesses were well protected but I was drenched and the water was even coming through the jacket. What started as a fun walk in the rain ended up to be a drenching headache. But, I thank God that the true test of our roof after Ike passed with flying colors. We are so blessed.