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Clumsy Crafter: The Reason For the Season

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Reason For the Season

Honestly I have not enjoyed this season as much as I should have.

Today we drove north to the Dallas area to spend the next few days with family. I'm not feeling that well and because of that, I'm not going to be able to stop and see my grandparents because you can't be around my grandfather if you are or have recently been sick. As I realized that fact and fought back tears, I started thinking while driving about why this season hasn't been as great as it should have been.

Simply it's because I was so busy that I put off the anticipation of it.

Two weeks ago our family went through a walk through Nativity and the entire time as we were going through it, all the actors and actresses kept saying, "did you hear that there was a baby born tonight in a manger?", "Did you hear that the Messiah who will save us has been born?".  They were excited and couldn't contain themselves.

That is how I should have been but I was busy. Busy, busy, busy... Now I wish I would have taken more time so that I could be well and healthy, not run down and feeling bad again. Most of all I wish that I would have taken time to pass that excitement to my kids. We did do a lot of fun things together and enjoy it but not as much as I should have. A season that should have been celebrating the birth of our Savior was turned into a busy rush to get shopping and errands done all while gripping non stop about traffic and how busy stores were.

I have two days left to enjoy it. So I am going to do just that. The next two days I hope I can build the anticipation up in my kids and in my heart that should have been there all along. Two days filled with family, Christmas lights, the Christmas story, and just time together.. in constant anticipation.

So I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

And did you hear? That our Savior has been born!


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