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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dangerous Directions

Warning: This post is rated PG-13 however the State of Texas apparently thinks it's safe....

There is a street sign that I pass every time I am on my way up to Fort Worth. It's for the Westward Ho exit. I know what people where thinking when they picked this name for their road. I'm sure it was a rustic tribute to our forefathers however my twisted mind takes in a whole different direction.

Can you just imagine how many couples could possibly have huge fights over this one exit?

Example 1:
Wife: Where do we need to turn at?
Husband: Westward Ho
Wife: What did you call me?
Husband: I didn't call you anything....
Wife: Yes you did... you said to take westward and then you called me a ho.

Example 2:
Husband: exit here on westward ho.
wife: on westward? and did you just call me what I think you called me?
Husband: no.. that's the street name
Wife: oh OK.. which direction do I go? West?
Husband.. no, go east on westward ho
wife... I'm confused... do I go east or west?
Husband... go east
wife.. what road?
husband... westward ho
wife.... so I head west?

Seriously... can you not see all the problems that could arise from this street name? Yet I love it. The history buff in me loves to ode to the olden days and the housewife in me loves the subtle hidden jokes that are sure to come of it.

Alright.. I'm a dork and I know it. 

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Anonymous Damion said...

This reminds me of the cereal commerical, from back in the day, nut-n-honey. Adventures from Bobbie's mind.

July 9, 2010 at 8:45 PM  

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