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Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Things;

1. I'm getting ready to change the look of this blog again. I like how it looks now but there's a few things that I want to change. So for the next few weeks you might see a few things come and go. It's called trial and error and I'm pretty sure it's how we got our oldest child.

2. Tonight I was a first hand witness to a little thing called, "so you think you can Yoga?" between two of my sisters here in my dads living room. It was hilarious and they probably thought that I was just taking pictures for memories but they most likely will make an appearance here when I get back home unless a large sum of cash is delivered to my bank account. I have three kids to feed! It's not called blackmail, it's called being a provider....

Goodnight, sleep tight, while doing the downward facing dog.


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