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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God station

Driving home today it started to rain. Princess goofy got all excited and yelled out that God was washing the windows. It was so funny at first to see how she connected God to the rain( of course) but then to the car windows.

As I drove along I started thinking about how God washes our windows just like a gas station attendant. Just go with me here because I have a crazy little mind. Can you imagine pulling up to a gas station and seeing God standing there? Better yet, what if he started to serve you by washing your windows so that your view is clear to see the beauty? Next He'll probably change a few fuses so that your life would have a little spark again. Finally He'll fuel you up and it will only be supreme, only the best for you.

As you stand in awe and wonder, He will point to the road in front of you and remind you to stay on the narrow road which will have much less traffic and the best ending ever imaginable.

I hope God will always be my gas station attendant but I pray that my children will keep reminding me of the simple faith that God desires.

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