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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Few Things

Almost 7 years ago I moved to Houston after marrying the hunkiest man I've ever laid eyes on. I was new here and weepy about leaving my family. We started making plans immediately to move to the Dallas area as soon as humanly possible. Jokingly we called it our "5 year plan", which was simply to be out of Houston within five years. We got pregnant with princess no. 1 and kinda got comfortable.. then no. 2 came along and things got more complicated. We now had to consider moving two very young children and the economy didn't seem to be doing too well. Not to mention that the housing market had started going down and we were convinced that if we just waited a year to sell our house, it would all improve. HA!

Then the housing market crashed, the economy crashed and yet I was still determined to get closer to family. I prayed and I know 100% that God told me that if we had faith to move we would be blessed. So I pursued moving with a vigor and strength believing that God had it in the plans for us. What I never told anyone, not even my hunk of burning love (husband).  Is that it was not God's complete answer to me. He had told me that if we moved we would be blessed but if we stayed then we would be blessed even more.  It's true. I was so determined to be closer to my family that I was just happy with simple blessings and I still would be! But with the economy, it seemed impossible but I believe for the possible.

Then Damion got a new boss that he really likes and is learning a lot from. His job is one that we could only dream about and he is growing so much into an awesome man there. So between his job and the downturned economy, we just decided to stay here. It was actually a sigh of relief to let the pressure of trying to move go and just set our roots here for however long we will be here. We're not sure and that's ok.

Has God stepped up to the plate and blessed us more? Extremely. I think it released a lot of pressure from our marriage and given us permission to strengthen friendships without hopes of loosing them soon. Probably the best way I know of the blessings is that shortly, I'm talking days, after we made that decision, Damion was given a promotion at work. He had worked extremely hard and deserved it. However today he was given another promotion, it could be temporary, it's just a trial run type deal, but it's still a chance for him to get the experience and learn a whole lot more. No matter if it stays as an "acting" thing for a month or so, or permanent, we are still blessed that his company recognizes how much he gives to them. He's becoming quite the man. Not only that but he has one more pre req. class to finish before he can start working towards his masters. I think we are extremely blessed.

So I'm happy here and we'll just stay for as long Houston doesn't drown or blow away.

And don't worry, I'm keeping Damion from developing an ego with these promotions. It's call dirty diaper duty and he's the captain.

BTW, he also started his own blog today... He's trying to be more and more like me everyday, except for the birthing hips.

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Blogger Mary's Heart with Martha's Commission said...

I love your outlook on life Bobbie. You really inspire me to be a better wife, mother, and woman! I've always wanted to tell you that. You are so gifted in so many areas plus just really really cool!! :)

July 9, 2010 at 3:11 PM  

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