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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tip of the day

So I am finally here at my dad's house just north of Dallas. It was an extremely uneventful trip. Princess Newbie slept most of the way and we only had to make one stop in Waco for lunch. The older two girls were extremely well behaved as well except for one time when I had to get onto Princess Girly Girl for something. I told her that she was too old to behave that way and her response was, "I'm not old, I'm beautiful.". That is my new motto in life. I had to turn my head to keep her from seeing me laugh. She is something else! From now on I just want you all to know that I'm not old, I'm beautiful!

I don't know if Princess Newbie is sick or what but she did cry all evening long and was only happy when we went outside. Great. God must have known that she needed to be outside because when I was about to take her back inside, a transformer down the road blew and my dad's house lost power. No big deal, it's just summer in Texas. God really did bless us with a cooler evening than normal so it was not bad at all.

I also figured out who is he smarter one between my dad and myself. My great idea when it got too dark to be outside and had to come in was to turn on the ceiling fans. Yeah, they require electricity and we had none. But my dad had a genius idea... Seriously.... He got his solar powered garden lights, unscrewed the stake off the bottom of them and set them around the house to give us some light. We have been talking about buying some for our house but couldn't really justify the expense but now I can! If you loose power at night they will act as lanterns for up to four hours!! Brilliant, so there's your tip of the day!

Now the kids are asleep and hopefully princess newbie will sleep through the entire night and wake up her usual adorable self.

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