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Monday, July 5, 2010


We had a fantastic weekend. Damion was off Friday and today so we had four days together. Four days together is a long time for us. We met online and had a long distance relationship until we were married. So sometimes four days of constant companionship in a row throws us off. It's not a bad thing, it's just us. But this weekend it was wonderful. We made it all four days with only a few mood swings (mine) and I'm sad that he's going back to work tomorrow.  Not to mention spending time with great friends, I don't think this four day weekend could be better.

We took some super cute video of Princess Newbie at the store today that is on Damion's phone, which I can't get to right now. So instead of that, you just get photos of our house. When we moved in almost seven years ago, our house was a tan blah color that matched the brick and we had a wonky broken old sidewalk that went in a huge L shape around our oak tree. The house was boring to look at, it definitely did not stand out at all. Over the years the tree roots had started to lift up the sidewalk in dangerous fashions and it was not safe for our kids at all.

So this year we splurged and had our house painted and a new sidewalk put in. We love it. No longer do I have to fight to get grass to grow in the huge space that used to be inside of the sidewalk, now it is a smaller area and manageable for a flower bed. Not only that but no longer do we have to remind guests to watch their step when they are walking up to our house. Now I really do think we have one of the prettier houses on the block.

Don't you agree?

We love it but our girls have other plans...

They asked if we can move here...
They have Juicy Juice tastes on a walmart value brand juice budget.

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