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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ring Pop Glory

I try to be a positive person but some days I fail. Today was one of those days.

It started poorly when I was woken up by a kid that just couldn't stop coughing. It wasn't an emergency but I was sickly too and just wanted a little more sleep. Instead I got a beautiful princess curled up in the middle of our bed who coughed every 5 seconds. Really, I counted.  It was an early start and everyone was grumpy because of  the early start.

We did go to lunch with His Royal Highness which was nice but eventually it started going downhill again. After lunch I headed down hwy 59 into the scary part of Houston to stop at a cake supply store. There is a group here in this area that drives me insane! Or it's not really any one group anymore, it's several. They all stand on the street corners and ask for money for their christian group. They walk amongst the cars when the light is red and knock on your windows to try and get you to give money. I've looked into one of the groups and it's extremely shady. It's even listed on the IRS's website as not legally allowed to take money as a charity. They are everywhere! I see them at least once a day. Well today one of these guys knocked on my window and told me to roll down the window. I politely answered, "no thank you" and turned away. The guy knocked again and then started yelling at me. He was yelling at me! I pulled up a little to where he was behind our van but he started following, still yelling. I was scared and looking for my phone to call the police but the light turned green and I got out of there as fast as I could.

I finally got to the cake store and accomplished my task for the day but leaving was a problem once again. There was a seat belt issue with Princess Goofy and I had to pull over in a pawn shop parking lot to fix it. Once again, I was in a very scary part of town. If you see a news crew there, run. Without having to do a long explanation, I moved one of the seats in the van to fix her seatbelt and the seat did not lock back in place but I didn't know this. I got back in the van and was going start / stop in heavy road construction traffic. Princess Newbie had been fussy since we left the cake store but every time I braked the seat would go sliding forward and make a loud banging noise. Every time I accelerated the seat would go sliding backwards and make a loud bang. Needless to say, with every bang, Princess Newbie cried louder and louder. I finally got the seat fixed and proceeded home with a fussy baby.

Then when I was in front of the Houston Galleria someone decided to change lanes without looking. Yeah, it was my lane that he forgot to look at. It was the closest I have come to a wreck in a long time. Someone is definitely watching out for me today. Well that and my stylin' driving skills. Just kidding.

Finally with more wailing and tears, mine and Princess Newbie's, we reached home. A place of solitude and rest or on days like today, a place where the dogs had torn into the trash bags in the garage. This mainly happened because our neighbors stole our large plastic trash bin awhile back. It's not smart to steal your neighbor's trash bin. Hello! we see it out there every single trash day, we know it was you! Not to mention the fact that I was wearing a flowy top and realized that while I was picking up the trash in the garage with the garage door open, the neighbors that have security cameras aimed at our house were getting a full view of nursing bra utopia. Enough said.  These are not the neighbors that stole our trash bin, different neighbors, still wacky.

This day could have ended poorly like it had started. I admit I let my attitude go downhill. But the best news is that seven years ago, I found a handsome prince. His Royal Highness took the time to spend with me and encourage me tonight.  My night was instantly better. But I'm not going to tell you what he said because that is for me to know and you just to wish you knew.

The best part of the night though was when Princess Newbie went missing. I knew I had left her in the living room while I was picking up in the kitchen but I couldn't find her when I came back in to check on her. Then I saw these little toes peeking out from under the coffee table... I bent down to see what she was doing and she was sitting under the coffee table eating a Ring Pop! I don't know what made my heart beat faster. The fact that she was small enough to fit under the coffee table or the fact that she had stolen a Ring Pop and hid under the coffee table. I love this girl!

I promise tomorrow not to let my attitude defeat my day. I also promise to stay away from all intersections that may have scary men... in fact, I'll just stay home and maybe I'll even steal our trash bin back!

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Anonymous Damion said...

The part where we found newbie under the coffee table was prett funny. She was sucking away on that ring pop.

If you want a Trash can we can just go buy one. I think telling the neighbors that popping fire crackers on Christmas at 3am was unacceptable has harmed our relationship. I don't think they get our values ... I mean their 16 year-old daughter has 2 kids. I don't think they are going to get it.

February 17, 2010 at 5:38 AM  
Anonymous Robyn said...

I love hearing about your daily life. Sorry you had a bad day but you make it so funny when you tell it.

February 17, 2010 at 1:46 PM  

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