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Clumsy Crafter: Redecorating

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm getting tired of our old decor.  Most everything that we were decorating with the past 6 years was given to us by random friends and family who were changing their decor. It's true. When we were first married six years ago we were just too broke to make decorating a priority. So we used what other people did not want and it was a blessing! Actually for the first year we lived in our house we had a Lion King beach towel as a kitchen curtain. Now that's what I call class.

Now we have reached a place where I can tinker around with changing some decorations but I certainly cannot afford Neiman Marcus or even actually Target for that matter! I'm using what I have mixed with a few inexpensive things and challenging myself to really change things up around here for the least amount of money possible. So far it is working!

For example today I will show you my favorite new wall art. I bought three red plastic charges at Hobby Lobby for half off, which amounted to a whopping $6. I came home and took profile pictures of all three girls and printed them off of the computer.  Then  I placed one picture on top of a charger and traced around the profile using my exacto knife. I just lightlty scored the plastic charger, I did not cut all the way through the plate. Finally I filled in their profile with white paint using the score lines as a boundry. It worked great! I love it! You can achieve the same looking using vinyl that you cut if you have a cricut or you can have someone cut it for you off of But I knew I could do it myself and I already had the white paint so why add another expense?

To hang them I just tore some polka dot fabric that I already had into strips and glued it to the back of the charger. Then I tied sloppy bows at the top and hung them on a nail. It was simple and added a lot of texture to the shiny smooth chargers.

I just love this project and I'm going to put a sealant on the chargers so that I can keep them as momentos.

This is my favorite one... I just love the little alfalfa sprout hair and the chubby cheeks. What a precious memory to have.

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