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Monday, February 1, 2010


Have you ever wanted to scream at the techonology around you?

My laptop is taking a little break from the world right now. I'm hoping I'll find someone to fix it soon. Someone? anyone? Maybe someone that I'm married to that happens to be a computer tech? Hmm.... A girl can dream.

The other night while I was working on my laptop I received a message that I had a virus that would enable the person sending the message to have all my passwords. Further investigation proved that the virus I had is mainly for people to break into your emails and resend ads through your email. Why do people do this? why?

So I had to reset all my passwords and we found out the next morning that someone had been attempting repeatedly to break into my email.

Long story short, my phone is now not recognizing my new email password and I want to throw it across the room. It won't even post to my blog for me right now like it used to because the entire network of the thing is jammed up. It's very fustrating to figure this out after you have already wrote your blog entry on your phone twice. UGH!

Even longer story short... I know I never posted the winner of the book giveaway. I have a picture of that person's name to announce the winner but I can't get the picture uploaded because of my techonology problems. UGH again.

So.... the winner is....


Congrats, you have won a copy of Amanda Ruiz's book, So Big. I will contact you soon about getting the book to you.

If you didn't win and you are interested in buying the book you can find it online at Barnes and Nobles.

Now I have a crying baby and kids that should be in bed.

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