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Clumsy Crafter

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alright so tonight while watching the girls in the bath, I typed out this long blog on my phone using blogger for Iphone Then I pressed send and nothing happened. I tried again and again to send it but no luck. Then I tried to copy and paste it right into blogger online but it's not compatible with my phone that way. Oh joy. Finally I decided to paste it all into an email and send it to myself and then post it to blogger from our laptop. Now my phone won't send mail. Seriously?

I've had a really long day and an even longer night last night. It was a good day but I give up! So when my phone stops being the world's largest butthead, I will post the blog I wrote. Until then, I leave you with something to crack you up....

My favorite christian hormonal comedian.. Chonda Pierce. Her momma like chevy and her dad had a honda. Chonda.. haha.


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