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Clumsy Crafter: Crafting withdrawls

Monday, February 15, 2010

Crafting withdrawls

I still can't get that blog I wrote last night to post. Who knows when you'll find out the wonderful gifts that His Royal Highness gave me for Valentines Day. Alright, alright.... since you begged me to tell you I will just rewrite it tonight and let you know.

1. A jigsaw. Not the puzzle, the power tool. Oh yeah... I feel like grunting ala Tim the Tool Man Taylor. They say that if you give a girl a credit card, she can shop for furniture for a day. But give her a power tool and she can make furniture that will last for years. I feel the power and I am pumped. So in a few weeks after this cake frenzy is over, I'll be making lots and lots of stuff from this blog...

Knock Off Wood

If case you haven't seen it before, it is amazing! and inspiring! Why put up with cheap furniture that you pay a huge mark up on? Make your own! This is perfect for the super frugal women, such as myself.  I really am excited about this.

2. He also gave me Sweet Leaf Tea, lots of it. It is my favorite beverage, especially the Mint and Honey tea. My awesome husband went to five different stores looking for a month's worth of Mint and Honey tea but I guess someone else's husband had the same idea because they were all sold out!  So he got me a mix of Mint and Honey and regular sweet tea. Love it!  I might have to admit that all the Mint and Honey teas are gone already. I am sick tonight and I'm drinking the last one right now. It's the best medicine.

But for now I am still working on cakes. I really miss doing other crafts. I have a list of sewing projects that I can't wait to conquer after the cake show in a few weeks. Then who knows what else I will come up with?

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