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Clumsy Crafter: Not Saying Goodbye

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Not Saying Goodbye

This is Robyn and I jacked this picture from her blog, Being in This World But Not of It. That's my full disclosure but her husband, Pastor Lee, was taking secret pictures of me today at Chikfila, so I think we're even now.

Nine years ago when Damion and I were first dating I always heard about the pastors of the church where he was attending, Life Church Katy. Awhile later I was finally able to visit his church and meet all these people that I kept hearing about, including Lee and Robyn. They only had two kids then that were both in the preschool group that Damion volunteered in. Now they have three kids and the oldest two are preteens. Oh my. Trust me, it makes me feel old.  The biggest change isn't the age of their kids but the fact that they are moving to Belize to serve as missionaries. I'm so happy for them but today we said goodbye and it sucked. Seven years ago when Damion and I were married, Robyn became not only a friend but a role model in my life. I am six hours away from my family and Robyn stepped into that role for me in so many ways. I remember that no one from my family was able to make it to the church for Princess Goofy's baby dedication and she told me, "It's ok, we are your family." That made the day alright. She has held all three of my babies as they were dedicated and prayed over Princess Girly Girl in a moment of extreme panic for me when I couldn't even pray myself.

Today I wanted to pray for her so bad but I would have lost it in Chikfila and that's just not pretty. I think they try to keep snot off the floor of eating establishments.

But snot on my keyboard is totally acceptable and not too unusual.. so here's my prayer.

God.. I thank you so much for Robyn. I thank You for her truth and her commitment to You.
I thank you that she never shielded me from the pain that can happen in marriage but led me in submitting to my husband in a godly way.
I thank you that her home and heart was always open to us, and always will be.
I pray that you will speak to her broken heart as she says goodbye.
That you will lift her up so she can see the vision that you have layed out for her.
Raise her daughters up to be as faithful as she is.
Thank you for letting us into her family.
Quickly bring them people to support them and love them in Belize.
Don't let her feel alone for a second, as You are her constant and it's obvious in her life.
Thank you for the modest and loving woman that she has shown me to be.
Thank you for helping my grow up with her in my life.

I praise You God for Robyn, protect her and love her more now than ever before.
Most of all, bring her joy in this journey. Let the time of grieving be over quickly and let her dance again in the joy and happiness of their life in Belize.

Now I have a headache from crying but at least my kids won't be asking me tomorrow while I'm crying during a commercial because I'm tapped out.

You can follow Robyn's journey with her family to Belize through her blog or through their Ministry website, Life Belize. If you feel led to support them financially, you can also do that through their website but that was not the purpose of this post.  It was just to love them and to pray for her since I didn't want to be banned from Chikfila.


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