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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This year I keep hearing the term, "gifts that make a difference," and I love it.

Target is the happiest place on earth to me but sometimes I get tired thinking that all the money I spend there is just going to some corporate executive's pockets. I'm sure they do some great community programs but how far does the impact of that really reach? Does it reach Honduras? or South Africa?

So tonight here's a few gifts that will make a difference and reach beyond the suburbia of the U.S.

First is Compassion International. The do great, amazing, awesome things. I've followed two tours that they have taken with bloggers to third world countries and the pictures that come back are mind blowing. Seriously they are of children growing up in an area that I would not even let me kids look at, much less grow up in. But these people have no choice and they do the best they can. We are blessed. Compassion has a gift catalog right now where you can "buy" and item and give someone a gift card stating that the item was bought in their name.

My two favorite items are:

 A goat for $45 dollars that would provide food and milk to a family or

a soccer ball that would provide kids with teamwork and other physical skills.

I'm not sure why I love those two.. probably because the kids are stinking cute. The images are straight off the compassion website, they are not mine.

Next is probably my favorite because I love the people that founded it. Introducing The Tilapia Project...

This is a project started by my brother in law, Bill, and gorgeous sister, Debra. They raised Tilapia in their yard and in their shed until they found a way that Tilapia (fish) ponds could be grown in third world nations. Now they help orphanages and schools in poor countries provide fish and a food and income source. It's a great project and they are always in need of donations. A place to donate and more info about their current projects can be found on their website, The Tilapia Project. Give a donation in some one's name for the perfect Christmas gift. And the best part is that it wouldn't even smell like if you gave a real fish.

Bill and Debra do not know that I am writing about this and have in no way, shape, or form asked me to do it. They are sleep deprived with a new baby and probably don't remember my name, proof being that they didn't name the baby after me. I'm OK with that.... really...

And the Last one is... Mercy House Kenya's Etsy Shop

Mercy House is in the process of building a maternity house in Kenya. It will help give the girls a better healthier option for their pregnancy while training them for jobs and parenthood. A portion of all the sales from Mercy House Kenya Etsy Shop goes directly to Mercy House (a large portion). So the good news is that you can still buy these as gifts and give them for Christmas. It's not just a piece of paper saying that you gave, which is still amazing, it's a tangible gift that would be great to give to those that might need them while still giving to this great organization.

I love this Merry Christmas Petal Pin.
What a great gift for a coworker!

This hat is amazing. Who can do that? not me.. that's for sure

So give a gift with purpose this year.  If you dont' have anyone to give them to you can mail them to Bobbie J. Byrd, 185..... Oh, I'm just kidding!

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