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Friday, December 17, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

I do not get sick often. Occasionally I'll get some allergy issues and be under the weather for a day or two but never sick.

This week, the worst week possible, I got extremely sick. I had a few large projects to work on this week, not to mention Christmas shopping and the fact that I really really needed to buy a new vacuum this week. Our old vacuum died a month ago and we were waiting Damion got his Christmas bonus to buy one. So our floors look like they have confetti all over them and I just got back from Christmas shopping a few minutes ago at midnight.

Tuesday Damion and I had an awesome date together to see a Dance show named, "Burn the Floor". It had Mark Ballas from Dancing with The Stars and a ton of So You Think You Can Dance dancers. It was amazing but a little too sexual for my taste. I could seriously never do half of the things that they did without requiring utilization of a walker and full back brace for the rest of my life. As we got in our van after the show, I felt my head slowly expanding and knew that my sinus' were rebelling against the cold front that was evading Houston.

Wednesday morning I woke up to the world's moodiest five year old who straight out told me that she was not going to do anything I told her to do for the entire day. Delightful. My head felt like the size of the world's largest ball of yarn and now my five year old is screaming and yelling. I quickly got everyone into the van just to get out of the house and try to get a few of the thousands of errands I needed to do this week done. I stopped at Goodwill to drop off somethings but just could not part with this box of baby clothes that I had put back there to donate. I put the box on the donation cart but then took it off before they wheeled it away. I drove off kicking myself non stop for being so stupid and not just donating the clothes. They are just clothes, even if they are baby clothes. Someone else needs them more and how selfish I am was just running through my brain non stop.

Then I heard the sound. The worst sound in the entire world. Vomit, of the projectile kind, was all over Princess Newbie and the look on her face easily gave me the countdown to her totally loosing it. 5...4...3...2...1... Yup. She was mad/ hysterical. There's no words to describe what I was at that moment.  I pulled over to clean it up but quickly realized that my van was clean.. spotless.. I had no used napkins on the floor to clean anything up with. Of course I didn't have clean ones to rely on because usually the floor is littered in junk which I can use to wipe anything up with. This is why having a clean van just doesn't pay off.... but then I remembered the box of baby clothes in the back. They were my life saver. Not only that but I didn't have an extra pair of clothes and if we didn't make it to the store to get diapers, then the day could literally be nothing but crap.  God must love me because that box of clothes cleaned up all the throw up and I found one random 3T outfit in the box that somehow fit my 16 month old perfectly.

Needless to say, by the time we raced through the store to get diapers and then back home to wash all the clothes and really clean out the van with actual cleaning products, I was wasted and getting more sickly by the minute. By mid afternoon I couldn't take it anymore and called Damion to ask him to come home early.

I guess since I never get sick, he thought I would be good to go on Thursday. But the only place I was good to go to was bed. I was extremely sick on Thursday. I sat on the couch to watch Martha Stewart at 9am and didn't move again until the super old reruns of Martha Stewart Living started at noon. I made the kids lunch and then took everyone upstairs where I layed on our bed looking at the ceiling while they held down the fort. Damion came home even earlier on Thursday. He took the oldest two out for dinner and left me with Princess Newbie. The only problem with that scenario is that whenever you lay down now, she likes to sit on your head. I'm not joking. So I spent about two hours laying on the couch with her sitting on my head, jumping up and down. It's OK.. I was so hopped up on Tylenol and whatever cold medicine cocktail I had going on that I didn't even feel it.

Today was better. The menopausal hot flashes with chills (at the same time) thing that I had going on is finally gone. I can breathe out of my right nostril and my head feels two pounds lighter.

So now I have a week's worth of projects, shopping, and cleaning to do. Ugh. Why is it that when moms get sick, you can never catch a break with it? You always always have so much to do the second you are back to the living.

The good news is that since Toys R' Us was open until 1am tonight, I got almost all my Christmas shopping done. But now the bad news... This is what my sink looked like today. I got this taken care of but can you imagine what the laundry looks like which I have not taken care of yet?

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