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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Day Mommy Went Postal.

Mommy lost it today. I saw a glimpse of the teenage years and it was ugly!

It was so rough that at one point I just had to get out of the house. I made a no talking rule (which no one listened to because apparently I speak Greek) and then we left to run an errand which did not require me to leave my car. So because of the fact that I was rushing to get out of the house before my head exploded and since I didn't have to get out of the car, I wore this:

Don't judge me. There was no chocolate, screaming kids, and hormones... lots of hormones. (Don't judge my dirty rug either, our vacuum broke).

But tonight on the way back from The Walmarts, which could be it's own separate rant, I realized how blessed I am. So rather than harp about the past, I'm going to harp hope for the future.

1. I hope that my kids learn how to listen (ha!) ok.. now I'll get serious.
2. I hope that Princess Girly Girl keeps dancing, even when people are watching.
3. I hope that Princess Goofy never looses the way she looks to the side when she's trying to tell you something. and the hand gestures. those make me smile so much.
4. I hope Princess Newbie keeps her mischievous spirit.
5. I hope that my kids will love God because they choose too, not because of family tradition.
6. I hope that they get to see their parents grow old together. (Damion is half way there!)
7. I hope that modesty is their strength.
8. I hope that they will always be close.
9. I hope that they will be positive people.
10. and I really hope that they never all get hormonal all at the same time! (teens... )

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