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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Vs. Evil

Yesterday was amazing.

I woke up early and more full of energy than I have all year. Mornings are usually not my best friend.  At 8 am, I was in the driveway cleaning out my van. Seats were moved, every surface wiped down and then floor mats were washed. Then my favorite mother -in-law arrived and we met Damion for lunch at a great restaurant that we love. It has a great outdoor seating are with a giant sandbox. This was Princess Newbies first time playing in the giant sandbox. She loved it and was so cute. I think my hormones hit an all time high watching her playing in the sand.

Then while we were eating I happened to look across the parking lot to notice a new store that was opening. You'll never guess what it is. Ok.. I'll tell you because I'm so excited that I want to scream! (I think  I actually did a little when I saw it) Home Goods is opening up about two miles from my house!!! *Happy Dance*.  The closest one to use right now is 25 minutes away. But not anymore! If you haven't been to Home Goods than you are not experiencing life to the fullest.

Then yesterday evening I went to the Galleria to meet up with other Houston Bloggers. It was great. I made new friends and learned a lot. Now my head is swimming with ideas for my blog and where I want it to go from here.

After that Damion and I had a mini date at Barnes and Nobles and then home to sleep.

Great day. Lots of fun with neighbors, family, and community.

Then today happened.

It started out great.

I was up early again and outside to build an outdoor habitat for our new pet turtle, fluffy.  My neighbors rallied around me and provided tools, help and advice. ( I have great neighbors). It was a fun morning.

Until all the neighbors left and Damion came out to help me move the turtle habitat that I had just spent 3 hours building. We put fluffy the turtle into a flower bed that he likes to hang out in and when we came back to get him after we moved it, he was gone. Let's recap shall we..... I had just spent three hours and about $40 to make this outdoor enclosure and the turtle was gone. We're not sure what happened. I think one thing, Damion thinks another... it was depressing and sad to us.

Our neighbors came out to help us look but we just couldn't find him. Finally I decided that I would look one last place, under the little cabinet that keep our water hose in. I moved it to look for him and noticed a big snake coiled up in there.

In case you didn't know.. I am TERRIFIED of snakes. It's something deep inside of me that I cannot control. I will shake, cry, scream, loose it all because of the smallest garden snake. But this was a big snake that was definitely not a green garden snake. I screamed and ran to get Damion. He's used to me freaking out for an earth worm sized snake so I don't think he took me seriously at first but when he saw it..... I know his heart jumped just a bit. I went in the house and just sat in a chair. I didn't want to be out there. I didn't want to think. I just sat.  It was horrible.

So now I have a 5' x 3' turtle habitat with no turtle and a chopped up snake in my trash that I'm convinced will somehow come back to life and attack me.

It was a bad day. Yesterday was a good day. Tomorrow I'm just hoping for mediocre and snakeless. And more than anything, I'm hoping for Fluffy to be returned. I miss the little hard shelled guy.

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