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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gold Shoe Grandma

I want to be the grandma with the gold shoes.

Funky. Fun. Living life.

When I was in high school I did an ever so graceful ballet move that tore my knee into a thousand pieces. No, I have never taken a ballet lesson in my life and yes, I am the coordinated one in my family. Tripping over flat surfaces is my talent and one that I wear proudly.

Because of this incident, I can only wear flat shoes. It's depressing at times. Truthfully I own two pairs of heels. I have worn them twice in the past three years and I can't bring myself to part with them. The fact that my kids wear them all the time also helps keep them around. But the last time I wore them, I got stuck.

What I didn't mention is that my knee is now a trick knee. It doesn't juggle or do anything that could actually earn money (darn it) however... it likes to slide out of place with no notice. The last time I wore heels was two years  ago to a friend's wedding.  It was at a gorgeous hotty toddy country club here in Houston. The entire room where the reception was held was glass. Glass walls that you could see out at every single angle. As we were walking to the car after the reception, I hit a weird angle between the slope of the walkway and the slant of the heel on my knee and it slid right out of place. I'm not joking. I didn't fall, I couldn't move at all.

Remember there were glass windows that you could easily see out of? The only way I can get my knee back in place is to lay down on my stomach which is so painful and pull my foot back to touch my rear end and do this repeatedly until it slides back in place. I'm not going to tell you how I got my knee back in place in front of everyone that I'm sure was enjoying a great show. The embarrassment is just to traumatic.. and too much ammo to give my sisters. But let's say the heels have been shelved since then.

So now I'm confined to a life of flats. Plain Jane, boring me... that needs a little spice in my footwear life.

What's a girl to do but to find the loudest and craziest flats you can find?

hello lovelies. What? You were on sale at Target? You're so yellow you might be gold? welcome home.

These yellow ones are replacing my semi sparkly silver ones, which replaced the taupe snakeskin ones, which replaced my maroon shiny ones... which means that step by step... I'm getting closer to the gold ones.

Fun. Funky. and living life.

Next stop..... blue hair.


Blogger Nicki Woo said...

I saw those sneakers. And I wanted them. I dare you not to be happy when your wearing yellow.

I too, have lousy knees, so I relate on that note too. I think we have loads in common. Love your blog, just up my alley. I love crafting, cooking, and being a Mama. I had a blast meeting you last night, can't wait till next months meeting.

October 3, 2010 at 5:58 AM  

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