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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fluffy turtle

Princess Goofy found a turtle today. She tore into the house screaming and bouncing with joy, begging Damion to come see what she had found. Then I heard them call me to come look because she had found a turtle. I didn't believe it. The first thing that crossed my mind is that they had decorated a rock to look like turtle or something like that. Never did I think I would walk out and see them with a turtle.

Growing up in East Texas I remember finding box turtles a lot. They were always crossing across our yard or in the woods by our house.  Finding box turtles growing up is one of my best childhood memories and I never thought my girls would get that chance. I have never seen a box turtle here in Houston. I have seen a few snapping turtles by the Bayous but I have never seen a lovely little box turtle.

They were so excited and probably didn't believe their cute little ears when I told them they could bring it in the house. Let's just say that I got major mom cool points with that decision. The turtle crawled around the living room while they chased it and we furiously googled  "caring for turtles."

I'm not sure what we're going to do with this turtle. We have it in a makeshift cage tonight. I personally think it was a pet that escaped because it is not shy at all. It actually wouldn't even go into it's shell until we put it in the grass. The shell is in horrible shape and it probably needs to see a vet.

The biggest surprise today is that Damion wants to keep it more than I do. I'm on the fence about it but he really wants to give it a try.

He is going to offer it to a coworker / friend tomorrow who loves reptiles. Honestly they could probably take care of it and get the shell to heal better than we could.

I'm not sure what's going to happen with this turtle in the long run but the good news is that he has a friend...

and he has a name... "Turtle, turtle, fluffy turtle."

According to Princess Goofy he can also talk on the phone. She really wanted the turtle to talk to PawPaw on the phone tonight. The limeade really wanted to come out my nose when I heard her offer the phone to the turtle. That girl is something else.

If anyone has any care tips for healing his shell, let me know. Or maybe we'll get "turtle, turtle, fluffy turtle" a cell phone since he enjoys phone conversations and you can call him. I hope he doesn't rack up a big texting bill.

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