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Friday, October 1, 2010


If you've ever read this blog before or had a ten second conversation with me in public then you probably know that I am a huge supporter of home birth. Today I read a different type of home birth story.

It is so beautiful, so loving and yet not what you expect of it.

It shows the community of love that can happen between people you barely know, the strength that women have buried down deep inside of them and the horrible truths of life.

More than anything I was struck with the hope in this post. It is about stillbirth which many sees as hopeless. Yet before the baby was taken away after the family had spent time with her, the family prayed over her. Many would see her as gone and hopeless but our hope does not lie on this earth. My hope is in heaven and their hope is in heaven thanks to Jesus Christ. 

I'm about to give you the link so you can read the birth story yourself but I need to tell you this... I don't talk about my faith openly a lot on here because I want everyone to feel welcome, regardless of your personal belief. I love you all and want you to know that. But if you don't have hope.. email me. If you have any questions about my faith.. or this family's faith... email me.  You can always always email me.

This woman's beautiful story is sad and it's something I've never been through thankfully but it shows the power of truth and love. If you do believe, pray for her and her family as they continue to heal.

Mabel's Birth Story


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