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Clumsy Crafter: Laundry

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Two years ago we went to Lafayette to celebrate Christmas with Damion's family. Except that it was no longer December, now it was February. (we're slackers). Damion's aunt and uncle, two of my all time favorite people, let us stay with them for the long weekend.

At that time it was just me, Damion, Princess girly girl and Princess goofy. Just a simple family of four that could easily sleep in one small room. Two kids on the floor camping style, which you know they loved, and two tired parents sharing a full sized bed, which we glad to have for free ( no hotel fee).

We laid the girls down super late that night since they were having sooo much fun playing with cousins and terrorizing the cat. Which means that if they went to bed late, we went even later. In case you didn't know, Damion sleeps slightly harder than a rock and falls asleep faster than a narcoleptic. So he was asleep probably before he even shut his eyes and I of course toss and turned for a few minutes.

Finally as my eyes were just beginning to close....I heard it..... The deepest sounding burp ever... Followed by throw up. It was a moment of sheer terror for me. I quickly found the sick kid amongst the pile of blankets on the floor, cleaned her up, pulled out the yucky sheets, and had her back asleep in no time.

Or so I thought. Ten minutes later it happened again. And again. And again. And then I started to panic because we're in a strange house where I don't know where any extra blankets are and I had stolen every possible blanket from the two people who are still dead asleep in the same room as myself and the queen of puke. There was a huge pile of dirty sheets off to one side of the small room. One more throw up and she no longer had a blanket to lay on so I grabbed my remaining blanket and off we went to watch tv in the living room, in the middle of the night.

I saw the sun rise, not something that I look forward to. Then we both dozed in the recliner for a few minutes until Uncle Danny got up. I think he was shocked to see me up before anyone else. It's definitely not what I'm known for within our family. Finally when the other princess woke up, I went and woke up the comatose damion and told him that he was a single parent for the next few hours and not to wake me unless Ed Macman showed up with balloons and a large envelope.

Princess puke was ok. She slept through the Christmas celebration but was totally fine after she got some sleep. The best part of this whole story is that when I finally stumbled back into the living room hours later, I could see Damion's aunt Nancy in the laundry room, washing all the puke sheets. She wouldn't let me help at all. She washed my kid's pukey sheets. Now you see why she's one of my favorite people.

All this to tell you that Princess Newbie threw up on me tonight. Twice. But Aunt Nancy isn't here. So I'm doing my own laundry.


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