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5 - 10 years hard time!

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Clumsy Crafter: 5 - 10 years hard time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

5 - 10 years hard time!

Did you know that Martha Stewart lives in my closet? Three years of her to be exact. Yes, I have a problem. My name is Bobbie and I collect Martha Stewart Magazines. Wait.. you thought I really had Martha in there? Puh lease! If she was here you would find her chained to my kitchen cabinets.... organizing them...

Instead I have a 13 month old who organizes them daily in a method she likes to refer to as "throw, toss, and stand on". It works.

But since she doesn't live in my kitchen, she will just have to live in the top of my closet.

My closet. ugh. It's the area where everything that doesn't have a place ends up, even if it is not mine. The funny thing though is that there are two sides to our closet. One is mine and one is his.

One of them is spotless. Nothing out of place, not even a hanger without a purpose.

The other side? Well... it's a mess.. and it's also hanger storage central. I'm not sure why or how that started but every single unused hanger in the house gets jammed on that other side.

So while one side is clutter free, perfectly spaced clothes with NO EXTRA HANGERS....

The other side is the home's landing strip. The funny this is that it's also the side of the person who has the most accessories and needs more room but she can't have more room because there's hangers, toys, and extra clothes hamper that holds bed linens, pictures, books, etc.

The crazy question here is that if there is no extra hangers on his, I mean that "other" side... then where did they go? Where did he, I mean.. the "other" person put their hanger when they took their carefully and lovingly ironed work clothes off the hanger that very morning?

I'll let you be the judge and jury. Show no leniency. Dinner for the next 5-10 years sounds appropriate.

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Blogger Jessie's Girls said...

That sounds about right to me. My closet is in a similar, but worse state. In fact, my entire bedroom seems like a catch-all most days. My girls cannot walk in for any amount of time without leaving at least one toy on the floor.

September 10, 2010 at 5:25 PM  

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