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Simple Roses in fondant (or playdoh)

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Clumsy Crafter: Simple Roses in fondant (or playdoh)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Roses in fondant (or playdoh)

The other day while we were playing with playdoh I thought that I could take a few pictures to show you guys how to make some simple roses to decorate cakes or cupcakes with. If you don't make cakes than you can just wow other moms at the playgroup when you pull out this beauty.

First You need one oval shaped piece of dough and several small circles. How many depends on how big you want the rose to be. Overlap the pieces starting from the right and going to the right. Place the large oval piece last as you can see in the picture below. If you are doing this in fondant for a fancy cake then you might want to use a small circle cutter and then a ball tool around the top edges to thin them out and ruffle them. However if you are doing a funky cake then just use hand shaped circles as I've done below, or to impress other SAHM moms.

Now the easier than easiest part. Simply start rolling the dough up from left to right. Try to keep the top edges even, the bottom doesn't really matter.

Please ignore the bad lighting and scratched table. We were just playing with playdoh.. no manicures required.

When it is all rolled together it will look like this:

Now you can use it like that or you can fan out the petals a bit...

Cut off any excess that you might have on the bottom. Add any other details that you might like and voila! You are fabulous and can make gorgeous flowers in a snap.

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