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Clumsy Crafter: Laying' out and stampin' up

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Laying' out and stampin' up

I made two things this weekend.

#1. This spiffy new blog layout that you are looking at. Friday I was messing around in the HTML code and deleted my old layout. Hehe haha... ohhh. ugh.  It was a slam your head against the wall kinda moment. I had all the old designs saved but I would have had to reload them and I wanted to redo it for fall anyway.  Now you'll notice a fabulous new navigation bar at the top of the page which also introduced me to CSS programming language. Honestly about six months ago I asked Damion if I could have a hundred dollars to pay someone to make me a nice layout. (that's about the going rate). He said to try and make it myself first. I know HTML a little (a real little) and I am pretty good at photoshop so he thought I could do it myself.

Now I'm so glad that he made me do it myself because I can sit back, look at my blog and really love it. Not just because I think it's beautiful but because I did it with a ton of hard work.  However I could not have done it without . I used her blog tutorials to make the past two layouts and it was so easy.  Not only does she have blog tutorials but it's just an awesome blog about life, photography, and everything else in between.

2.  Saturday morning after not much sleep I decided to play around with making stamped jewelry. Of course I can't do anything how it should be done and I was getting frustrated with it. So I just decided to whack it a lot with the hammer I was using. I started to like it more with every hit. So then I whacked the back of it with different letters and a fine point. After a lot more whacking, I was left with a distressed looking round metal blank. I stamped the word "love" into the front and made it into a bracelet. I really really like it.

I really love the rustic earthly look of it.  Just proves that perfection isn't always the way to go. Don't give up if something is going the way you planned! It might just end up even better in the end.

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