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Clumsy Crafter: Labor Tips for Labor Day

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Tips for Labor Day

Because I am not an expert on birth but I have had a few... Here's a few tips to help you achieve a natural labor:

1. Accept the fact that there's probably going to be some pain. (all the women that have had natural births are laughing to themselves now) Alright.. chances are there's going to be a lot of pain. But the best way to prepare is not to run and hide from it. Accept it and know what you're going to do when that time hits.

2. Read, read, read.  Read every single book you can get your hands on about labor. The biggest difference to me in natural labor with a midwife vs. regular care by an OBGYN is knowledge. Not meaning what they know but about what they want YOU to know.  Many women that birth with an OBGYN in a big hospital don't understand what's happening with their bodies or why because the OBGYN  doesn't ask them to read or prepare. They just go to the hospital and do what they're told. I'm all for obeying (ask my kids) but it's your body, don't ask anyone else to be prepared for you.

3.  Show your husband BEFORE labor how he can help you. There's a book called, The Birth Partner, that is great along with many classes. If it's your first time labor and you just don't know then ask your midwife to give him some hints at one of your visits. Then practice the different actions like lower back pressure and swaying before labor. Damion was a much bigger help to me during our last labor because he was more comfortable and knew more of what to do after doing it two other times. Practice makes perfect on the first time.

4. Drink (not alcohol). When you're in labor drink a lot. It helps you feel refreshed and is a great way to keep energy up if you drink more than just water. My favorite was Sweet Leaf Tea's Mint and Honey but that's always my favorite. Enjoying something that I already love so much made it easier. I am a huge Sweet Leaf tea addict. I do accept large donations of mint and honey tea... just letting you know.

5. Hide the clocks. Every time I looked at the clock I would count how many hours I had been in labor and get more and more discouraged. Discouragement leads to doubt which leads to pain. Just hide them and go with the flow. If it's two hours or 20 than you will get the same wonderful pink squirming baby in the end.

6. Remember the end result. Hopefully after labor is over you will have a healthy pink baby to hold and love. During the hardest moments you can think on that fact. Try to keep joy in your heart and then you won't hurt your husband when he's making jokes about how you look in labor. (remember that little scar on your hand honey?)

Now you have the tools to go forth and birth! But hopefully only if you're pregnant (and due). Natural birth is wonderful and I urge you to check it out before you mentally just check it off your list. Be informed. No matter where you birth...or how... just be informed of your choices.

Here's a post about  Why we chose home birth

Happy Labor Day!

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Blogger Jessie's Girls said...

That is a great list! I wholeheartedly agree! Read, read, read! I further recommend the Sears' Birth Book. It is refreshing to read a book written by doctors and other health care professionals who have a much more open-minded attitude towards homebirth than many, and are definite natural childbirth advocates. They have a lot of great suggestions for achieving natural childbirth in the hospital as well, if homebirth is not possible, or not desirable for you.

It really helped me to have an athlete's mindset about labor. Accept the pain and acknowledge that it is necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Remind yourself that you have prepared (even trained!), and ARE strong enough to do it, and the goal is very shortly within your reach.

September 6, 2010 at 2:31 PM  

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