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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whater is lovely

My Day:

12am - Wake up with Princess Newbie who is screaming and throwing the biggest fit. I could not comfort her for 15 minutes.... I finally had to just let her roll on the floor screaming and kicking because she did not want to be held. I finally calmed her down thanks to some Kim Walker/ Jesus Culture from my Ipod.
2am- back to bed.. finally
8am - wake up to Princess Goofy wanting to sleep in my bed with me but she had obviously had an accident during the night and smells... well.. bad.. no thank you but I still love you!
8am -10am Tear the living room apart looking for a Barbie movie my Mother in law rented for the girls at Blockbuster that was due back today. This tearing everything apart made me realize how unorganized my living room was so I purged/ organized every nook and cranny. Still no DVD.
10 am - take a break and paint the coffee table legs that I'm trying to refinish
11am - It starts getting a little hot in the house but it's not really hot outside?
11:30am - tell the older two girls to go clean their room and put away all the toys I found downstairs or I'll throw them away. (harsh, I know.. but I'm really tired of so many toys and they haven't been listening lately)
12:00 - finally think to look under the rug for the DVD since that's the only place that I literally have not looked.
12:01pm - find DVD under rug and sit down in the recliner to take a break, wipe sweat off my brow from it being so stinking hot in the house.
12:05pm - Princess Newbie toddles into the living room with a game card in her hand, bends down and slides it under the rug. DVD culprit has been caught and apprehended.
12:15 pm - take a little look at the thermostat and notice that it's only 80 degrees in our house when it's set on 74. Check the outside temperature and notices that it's only 90 outside.
1:00pm- do a little more painting on the coffee table, it's now 81 degrees in the house.
1:30 - notice that the girls room is actually messier than when I sent them up there to clean it.
1:35pm - yell (yeah, I yell sometimes... sorry but I do.. I'm not perfect)
1:36pm - yell some more
1:37pm- look for my happy place but it's missing
1:38- eat chocolate cake for lunch (that's a true fact... it was either that or keep yelling)
1:45 - Gather up a trash bag of toys off the girls room floor and place it next to the curb outside.
2:00 - once again remind them that there's more room in that trash bag
3:00 - finally concede that the room won't be perfect and it's too hot to stay in the house any longer (82 degrees)
3:30 - Run to Target (my happy place), run back home to grab the movie that I forgot, go to blockbuster, grab pizza for dinner and an iced coffee for me (happy place #3)
5:00pm - do school with the girls and they both did really well but Princess Newbie got really mad that I won't let her stand on the table while we do school. Really, I won't ever let her stand on the table.
6:00pm - Get a call from Damion to tell me that he's just getting on the bus to come home from work. He's supposed to be home around 5 everyday and now he won't be here until 7 (hour commute)
6:15pm- huge electrical storm starts and lightening hits a tree in a neighbors yard. I thought the dog was going to come straight through the window. Let the dogs in so that they won't have a heart attack and they make princess newbie cry chasing down empty water bottles.
6:30pm - antique coffee table legs. Isn't it weird that we work so hard to make something look beautiful and new again and then we try to make it look old and antiqued? Talk amongst yourselves about that one...
7:00pm - The prince is home and he saves me from fighting Princess Newbie about her desire to climb on the coffee table while I'm trying to antique it.
8:00pm- take away more toys from one of the girls because she just won't listen to us - this is the same one that earlier in the day informed me that she is no longer my friend. She'll be my friend again when I pull out the chocolate chip cookies
8:30pm - bed for the girls and internet time for mama.. Except our internet is dead and we have to go back into the attic again to patch the AC unit again. Talk about the donation to our AC man's retirement fund that we are about to make (again) followed by shower and Project runway (happy place again)
11:00pm- we finally realize that it wasn't the storm that knocked out the internet but a problem with our wireless, which my computer tech dream boy fixed for me.

So if you're still with me... and you're still here... you know that is why I'm writing this so late... and why I was on the verge of a mental breakdown a few times today. It was a rough day. The problems with the AC are starting to get to me as is the fact that our kids have a free will that they use often. (ha) But the truth for today that I realized is that in 20 years, I will not remember this day. I know that's not a genius mentality right there but it's true. When I look back just at the past few years, I don't remember the bad times unless I'm telling someone my testimony and then I can use that bad time for good.  So tomorrow this long and stressful day will be gone. Will the girls clean their room? I sure hope so. Will the AC work properly? probably not. But I will still have my family that I love, a roof over my head, and food to eat. I am so blessed.

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4:8

I think that will be our memory verse for next week.


Blogger HelenClyde said...

I so know such days... let me just give you a nice, warm, virtual hug, okay?

September 3, 2010 at 1:21 AM  
Blogger Robyn said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one who has days like this. Glad you make it seem funny!!!

September 3, 2010 at 9:29 AM  

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