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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jerk

This is my sister Julia. I commonly call her Jewels. She calls me Jerk. It's love.

Julia growing up was the popular one.
She was the cheerleader who dated all the hot preppy guys.
She never got dirty, always perfect hair, perfect teeth, etc.
Over the years she grew up and refined her tastes even more.
She's a shopping pro.
Coach brand probably had her on their speed dial at one point.
She was still an awesome sis.

Then she met this guy named Scott.
and it was love.
I wonder if she calls him Jerk too.
Apparently it's a term of endearment.

Anyway..Scott is outdoorsy..
The real manly man hunting fishing combo come to life.
He gave my girls a tour of his boat one of the first times he met them.
They loved it.
He is now superstar status in our house.

Suddenly the perfectly manicure nails (Julia's, not Scott's) were getting a little chipped.
The perfect hair was still perfect but perfectly pulled back to keep it out of the wind.
(from the boat, on the lake)
She started insisting that she only went on the boat with him to tan.
uh huh.

Then one day I got these little pics in my email:

Oh yeah, she's crossed over to the dark side, coach bag and all.

P.S. Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous Armando Codina said...

WOW! how did you catch the big fish? Amazing! I didn't catch any big fish like this in my whole life.

July 15, 2010 at 12:51 PM  

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