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Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer

Today was the first day of summer. Welcome to days full of fun outside, running, playing, sunning yourself, picking the vegetables straight off the vine, sitting out in the cool evenings, enjoying the longer days, rising earlier with the summer sun.


If you happen to live in the furnace known as South Texas with young children you may have a few different things to look forward to such as; huddles around the air conditioner, laying like a potato on the couch while three kids fight for the remaining space, trying to figure out how to cram your entire body into the freezer, watching the vines wilt further and further everyday, being mauled by mosquitos the first step out the door anytime past 4pm, trying to convince the kids to go to bed while it's still light, being woken up earlier than you would like to acknowledge even exists....

fun. fun. fun.

Welcome to Summer.

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