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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Remember last week when I said that Princess Girly Girl is bad about sneaking into the kitchen in the mornings and "cooking?" She doesn't use the stove or anything like that... she just mixes up things.
Well this morning Princess Goofy woke me up telling me that Princess Girly Girl was downstairs. But then a little thing called Diaper Explosion 101 happened in Princess Newbie's pants and by the time I got downstairs, this is what I found....
and this...
and this ....
not to mention this...


I called Damion and told him that I deserve a medal for maintaining my sanity.

I'm working on uploading the video of their performance to Youtube so I can show you but it's taking a long time. Also, I've been having a lot of problems with photo uploads on Blogger lately so if these pictures are messsed up, I apologize.


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