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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wise as an Owl

Last week I was so busy, I barely had time to post anything on here. Then we made a quick over night trip this weekend and I came back feeling bad. That bad feeling led to an emergency trip to the dentist where I learned that I have an infected wisdon tooth.

I know that I griped a lot awhile back about our horrible insurance after Damion's car wreck. However after the past 24 hours trying to figure out the cost for removing wisdom teeth, I realize how extremely blessed we are by our insurance.

Dental work really freaks me out. I've had three kids at home with no drugs and I would much rather go through another natural labor than go to the dentist.  Our dentist is able to pull wisdom teeth and he was telling me about the procedure on monday while I was there. It would be long, about an hour and a half, and he said that I would be comfortable but that I would be aware of what was happening. Ugh.. not my cup of tea.

I scheduled an appointment with him for next thursday to have them pulled but decided to do some research on going to an Oral Surgeon so that I could be knocked out and not know what was going on. A simple call to our insurance company today told me that it will be CHEAPER for me to go to an oral surgeon.

I still have to schedule a consultation with an oral sugeon and go through all those steps but I do have antibiotics right now to fight this infection so I should be feeling better soon. I'm not looking forward to having my wisdom teeth out but I think I'm wise enough to loose them now.



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