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Clumsy Crafter: Mother's Day Gifts

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gifts

I saw this idea on someone else's blog but I cannot remember where! So this is not my original idea... but I'm still going to share it with you because I love how it came out. This is the PERFECT quick and easy mother's day gift.  To do this craft all you will need is a flat ceramic tile, scrapbooking paper, ribbon, embellishments (found on scrapbooking aisle),  Mod Podge and a photo. Note that you need a photo printed at a photo center or a laser printer. Ink Jet printers will not work Mod Podge, the picture will bleed. 

First cut your paper to cover the surface of the tile but not overhang the edge. Next paint the top of the tile with Mod Podge and place paper on top of the tile, let dry for at least an hour.. more would be best. When the paper is dry paint the back of the picture and place where you want on the tile. Again you need to let this dry for at least an hour... do the dishes, laundry, clean out your car... or sit on your couch and eat bon bons, it's up to you. When the picture is firmly attached paint the entire top of the tile with mod podge and let dry. This only took about 30 minutes before it was dry enough to add a second coat. I let the second coat dry and then hot glued ribbons on to cover the edges of the photos. Add embellishments such as buttons, letter, etc... anything that you like. Place on a plate stand and you are done.

It's a great project that I plan to make for myself soon. These two already have a home... the grandma's in Louisiana loved them. I plan on doing a few more for my side of the family and for myself really soon.

If you have any questions about it, leave a comment and I'll answer it ASAP.

Oh and I forgot to mention what a great bargain this project is. We already had the tile and the rest of the supplies were under $10 for both of these. Looks like a million bucks! but it's not!

Happy pre Mother's day crafting!

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