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Monday, May 3, 2010


Princess Goofy asleep in the car

Saturday as I was laying in bed, pretty much wide awake at the craziest hour, I felt drawn to pray for protection of our kids. I don't know why but I really felt like I should pray for them so I did. Simple. It's simple because I do have faith that God hears my prayers and will do what is best with those prayers whether it is to answer them or not.

I was almost back to sleep when I heard a loud crack and looked over just in time to see Princess Goofy land between the night stand and the floor and she immediately started screaming. It woke Damion up and as I told him what happened, I scooped her up and went running to the bathroom so she wouldn't wake the other two girls up.

As soon as I put her on the counter I saw the huge deep gash on her chin and my mind started swirling with how we were going to get her to the ER for stitches. Damion let's just say.. he gets a little woozy at the sight of needles. Yes, he is an insulin dependent diabetic that takes shots..... He always tells people that he's like the donkey on shrek when he says, "Is that blood?" and then faints. He does a great donkey impression. So I knew Damion couldn't take her in case they had to use a needle.  I didn't think that I could take her because I would get lost and then I would have to wake up the baby and take her (traveling food source).  It was about this point that I also noticed her lip was punctured all the way through to the inside of her mouth. Great. So then I thought we could just call my Mother In Law to come over and take her but it was 2am and I didn't want to wake her.

Good thing that I don't have to go by my plans in life because God had different plans.

The gash was really deep and gross but it was barely bleeding. I really have had a scratch before that bled more than this huge gash on her chin. After just a second of holding her close to me the bleeding had pretty much stopped.

Damion and I were discussing what to do when she asked me to put her down (she was on the bathroom counter) and she simply walked right past us without saying another word, got back into bed, and was back asleep in seconds. Damion said that was his cue and also disappeared back into bed. I stayed up for awhile longer just to make sure it wouldn't start bleeding again and checked it a few times before I was convinced it was ok to go to sleep.

As I crawled into bed and thought about how extremely little it had bled and how quickly she had gone back to sleep, I asked God, "why is she not hurt more? why was she so protected from this?"

God's reply was simple. "because you asked me too."

That is love.

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