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Thursday, February 25, 2010

You think...

Earlier tonight I was thinking about how wonderful it is that I will be done with all my cakes tonight and in bed before the stroke of midnight. Usually I'm up until crazy hours of the morning and then work again the next day until we walk out of the door to go to Austin. I thought too soon.

In my haste and cockiness, I added too much water to my icing and I was out of powdered sugar so it all just melted into itself. Agh. So long story short, I just got back from my ghetto fabulous grocery store where I purchased powdered sugar and then feared for my life in the dark parking lot. Do you think it helps when the security guard stands inside the store talking to a shady looking character? Not only that but it tells you how ghetto fabulous this store is that they had to hire a security guard for the parking lot after two different women were abducted from there a few months ago. But he stood inside and I wet my pants as I walked back to the car. Don't worry, I've been pregnant three times now so I know what wetting your pants as an adult feels like. For you younger women out there, this happens whenever you cough or sneeze while pregnant. It's those nice details they don't tell you until you are pregnant. Start telling that in some sex ed. classes and the world would be a lot less populated.

Can you tell I'm tired and rambling?

So in the morning I will finish the cake and then pack myself and the car... all before lunch when we're scheduled to leave for Austin.

Did I tell you that this weather is making me sick and I feel like I have an elephant permanently lodged in my nostrils?

How many misspelled words are there? First correct guess gets a hug... or a high five.. or just a nod if you're a germaphobe. Really, gotta go to bed now.

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