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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Anyone that knows me personally knows that adoption has been on my heart since I was a child. Are we going to adopt one day for sure? I can't tell you that. This life is not on my time table but on Gods. That is what I do know. I also know that I want to take my voice and help spread the message of adoption. Most importantly, I want to support those who are currently adopting or in the process of it.

Last week we had friends that finalized their adoption with their precious baby girl. This afternoon, our pastor and his wife, who I love dearly, are finalizing their adoption of a beautiful girl who was born to be part of this family. Not to mention that I almost scared this girls former foster parents to death because of my big mouth and impatience when it comes to my genius ideas, but that's another story for another time.

There are so many links out there to blogs that tell their adoption story and are currently raising funds for adoption. I can't even start to process them all. However, there are a few that I want to highlight....

So stick with me!

Last week everyone at church asked me where I got this shirt....
Not my picture, I wish my butt was that small.. Picture from

You can buy that shirt and several other designs from Moments with Love: I love this blog and I read it a lot. She's a baby wearing, nursing, believing, adopting mama... It's like me but skinner and actually adopting already.  Plus if I would have heard her name before I named Princess Newbie she might have had a different name! Check it out and buy a shirt. By the way, my birthday is next week and the blue tree shirt is great....

This site... My Crazy Adoption... Has two great shirts. One is specifically for men... loves it!

This site has my heart... They manufacture shirts and sale them wholesale to families trying to raise money for their adoption. They don't do it for profit.. just to help with adoption.  I also have one of the Ugandan paper bead necklaces you can buy from their website and it is gorgeous!

There are so many more people out there that sale items to raise money for their personal adoption or tell their adoption story if you just look. You'd be amazed!

Adoption is not for everyone and I know this. But everyone can help is some way to bring a child to their forever home. Buy a shirt, say a prayer, buy a cookbook, go to a concert, or just ask a family in the process of adopting if there is anything you can do for them.

And don't forget.. March 2nd.. birthday.. shirt.. hint, hint. I'm making it easy for you sweetie...



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