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Clumsy Crafter: 7 things

Saturday, January 16, 2010

7 things

One of my newest favorite blogs This is Reverb posted a challege for readers to post 7 pieces of randomness. I'm all about the random. Seriously. I go from singing Sir Mix Alot to talking about the currently political situation in Maryland within seconds. 

In honor of randomness....
1. Princess Newbie got her first tooth today. I dont know if I should be excited or not because I'm nursing... nursing and teeth do not always mix. Sorry if that is TMI.
2. I would love to be on the Food Network show Chopped. I would only hope for something really fun like anchovies and marshmallows.
3. I blog late at night when all sense of spelling and grammar has left me. no joke.
4. Princess Goofy's imaginary friends were tickling her tonight. Their names are Arman and Peter Pan. Sometimes Peter Pan follows us when we're driving in the car.
5. I secretly long to take a pottery class. It's something about the clay and the mess that calls to me.
6. I have six trash bags full of toys in our closet right now.
7. If I don't call and order new cake dummies (styrofoam cake forms, not stupid people who don't know anything about cake) this week then I may not make it to the Sugar Arts Show this year.

To top it all off.....
Seven random pictures.

this kid is a messy eater

this is how she sees herself

my favorite picture of her ever. It is just so her...

ruby red slippers cake

A great day. Can you guess which princess this is?

Princess goofy refused to let me take her picture so Princess Girly Girl posed beside her. They live to antagonize each other

I love this picture



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