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Clumsy Crafter: Pray for Haiti

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pray for Haiti

I've always been drawn to disasters. Many times I'll find myself sitting online or in front of the TV watching the news coverage for hours and hours. It's probably not very healthy.

This earthquake in Haiti has broken my heart and I keep looking for positive news stories, some good coming out of Haiti but there really isn't one. I read a story on about a missionary who drove 100 miles to dig his wife out of the building where she had been trapped for ten hours. His father here in the U.S. was quoted with saying that they each had their own trials to walk through. That really impacted me. The wife is fine and doing well but the husband had to drive to his wife, through horrible damage without knowing if she would be alive when he got there. It was a good ending for them but the trials they had to walk through to get there must have been horrible. Many times we lament and groan when we are faced with hardships or times of chaos but the good news for me at least is that God is the Creator of happy endings. His Royal Highness always makes fun of me because I want all the movies I watch to have a happy ending and I hate it when they don't! I know in life there will be outcomes that are not what we wanted. But personally, I am saved by Christ. It's not something I talk alot about on this blog but it's the truth. So no matter what muck or mud I walk through. No matter how many years I would have to live in the rebuilding phase of life, my ending in life will be a happy one. He is my creator of my happy ending.

I plan to pray hard for Haiti. There is such devastation there that these people might never recover from. There are so many that have already lost their life or their children's lives. However, no matter how much destruction I see or negative stories I hear on the news, I am going to choose to believe that good can come from this. Do you know that ashes are actually one of the best fertilizers on earth? From this destruction, beautiful things will grow.



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