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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Tonight sucks.

I burned dinner to a crisp. It was roast but it was black and dry, not really the way I like meat to be served.

The older girls are in their rooms fighting, they are supposed to be sleeping. I keep hearing their door slam because they are fighting over if the door should be cracked or closed. One girl cracks it, one girl slams it. This continues until who knows when. I have a boarder line migraine so I don't really care. Do you spell Migrane or Migraine? Once again, not caring.

His Royal Highness and I are fighting too. It happens. Not caring about that too much at this moment either because of mentioned migraine (migrane). I think it's migraine. not sure. not caring.

Princess Newbie is cutting her second tooth today. For you non parental people, that is a term for the tooth actually breaking through the gums. I'm sure it's painful and so is the screaming we heard on the way home from our dinner after I burned our other one.

I have to go to the bathroom but His Royal Highness is in our room and I don't feel like seeing him right now so I am going to hold it. I know that's petty and childish but just remember that the next time that you or someone else mentions that I'm getting old. It's just a number, not a mental capacity.


Anonymous Damion - (HRH) said...

Thats funny because I wanted in the office to use the computer ... then I remembered that's what laptops are for ... then I had a laptop and the TV. YeeeeHaaa!

January 22, 2010 at 4:22 PM  

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