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Clumsy Crafter: 2 Reviews and a Lip Ring

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 Reviews and a Lip Ring

Princess Newbie and I went grocery shopping today. Believe it or not I have not been on a big shopping trip since before christmas so I had a ton to get tonight but little time to accomplish this feat. I was trying to think fast of future menus while still getting everything I needed at the best price possible. Sometimes I do plan menus ahead of time but then it doesn't always work in harmony with the items that are on sale that week. Usually I shop and grab all the sale staple items and then make a menu working around those items.  We do not have a pantry in this house and did not realize that until we had bought the house. So I cannot buy things and store them. I can only buy things that we will use ASAP.

I am also planning on making six months worth of baby food tomorrow and freezing it. My cart was filled to the brim with vegetables and fruits. I think we might have too much baby food after tomorrow.  Princess Newbie is just starting on baby food but the price of store bought food has really gone up since Princess Goofy was a baby! Right now it is costing around $10.00 a week for Princess Newbie and she's not eating much yet. So tomorrow I will be covered in all types of pureed fruits and vegetables. It will be a sight to see.

source photo

Tonight when I was at the store I did pick up two new items for Princess Newbie. One of them was Baby Mum-mums.  They look like a flavorless white log but oh my goodness! If they were logs than Princess Newbie was a Woodchuck! She downed them in no time and sat grinning ear to ear. They were her first sampling of self feeding foods and you could tell she was proud as all get out. I can't believe they didn't have these when the other Princesses were babies.

The other thing I grabbed was Little Blends Yogurt from Horizon. I was planning on just mixing some baby food into plain yogurt to save money but since I will be so busy this week I just grabbed these instead. The price tag was a little more than I would have liked to pay ($4 for 4 servings) but I talked myself into it because it was organic and she would like it. Well, she did like it. She cried when I took the spoon away but it turns out that it's not organic. Horizon which I thought was a strict organic brand has expanded into non organics that they have labeled "natural". I would have never realized this if I hadn't googled it looking for a photo of it.  I actually feel a little cheated by this. It doesn't have any harmful hormones or corn syrup in it but I wouldn't have paid that much had I of know that it was not organic. That company made a nice profit off of me tonight. Princess Newbie loved it but I think I'll just be mixing my own baby yogurt from now on.

As I was checking out the cashier asked me if I was ok to which I politely replied that I was fine, thank you. She later asked me, "are you sure youre ok?"  Once again I told her I was fine.

Well I guess she failed etiquette class in High School because her response was:
"Wow, well you look really exhausted tonight."

Thank you. I think that was just the pick me up I needed.

I remembered my prim southern upbringing and was very polite. If I had not been raised a good southern girl who can smile while the grits are burning than I might have taken that lip ring of hers and relocated it somewhere else.

In conclusion, Baby Mum Mums are a hit, Little Blends are yummy but deceiving, and lip rings should be shoved down throats.

Apparently I'm exhausted and need to go to bed now. Come back tomorrow for my first giveaway ever. It's gonna be SO BIG! (that's a hint)

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Anonymous Jana Worley said...

lol, sometimes the grits become charcoal, you

January 25, 2010 at 4:58 PM  

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