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Clumsy Crafter: The Tale of the Smoke Alarm....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Tale of the Smoke Alarm....

Once upon a time there was a smoke alarm that lived above a fireplace. It was a happy alarm until one day the fireplace flue became stuck and smoke spilled back out into it's home. The happy little smoke alarm had no choice but to sound it's noble alarm. The King of the house became frustrated with the loud beeping noise compiled with the smoke billowing into the house so he gently tossed the alarm into the yard. Because of the round sides that the poor alarm had tried dieting away, it rolled and it rolled until it came to settle in the neighbors side yard.

Many nights passed and the King of the house just kinda forgot about the poor little alarm laying cold and alone out in the yard until one night, that we will call last night, when it rained. The water once again gave the poor little alarm no choice but to sound it's noble alarm.

The King of the house accidentally thought the sound was his bedroom alarm clock and got up to press snooze, awakening the Queen in the process. Because of his ability to sleep through all different forms of natural disasters, he easily went back to bed and was back to dreamland in no time at all. The Queen however is a light sleeper and layed there pondering the noise for several minutes. Finally she arose from her bed and started looking out the windows to find the source of the alarm. Oh she was thinking some not so nice things about the neighbor who was causing all this ruckus... yes she was...

Finally when the alarm woke up the baby a little bit later she could take it no more. The Queen's frustration had reached a peak and she even thought about calling the police so they could fuss at the person causing this problem.

Then it hit her, like a royal brick, that the King laying sound asleep next to her probably never saved the smoke alarm from his cold watery fate. Up she leapt with the baby princess in her arms, gave the clock a quick glance (2 AM) and ran down the stairs and out the door as quickly as she could hobble.

Digging through piles of wet leaves in the dark, she finally located the beeping smoke alarm and ripped the dying battery from it's back. The Queen quickly glanced around to see if any neighbors were staring her down in a dangerous fashion then disappeared back into the house with baby princess. Back to their beds they went with the Queen giving His Royal Highness a mean glare along the way. But finally, the smoke alarm was safe and sound, back in the warmth of the house and happy to be home again.

This story is purely fiction and if any neighbors are reading this, please know that it was his fault, not mine.

The older princesses and I made spitz pressed cookies tonight. I was planning to decorate one of them to look like a smoke alarm for someone special but I burned them. How's that for irony?

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Anonymous Damion said...

I never heard an alarm so I don't believe a word of this rubish fairy tale. But I did witness some burnt cookies earlier this week.

January 8, 2010 at 5:54 PM  

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